Meeting Attendance levels

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  • nakanozzi

    Hi, Darkknight757.

    May I ask you a question?

    What does COBE stand for?

  • jookbeard

    I always winder about my old cong when I was there I believe we had about 80 publishers, I hear its far lower than that now, dont know the exact figure though

  • Bugbear

    In 1990 we build a new KH in my little town in northern Europe. We were about 65 publishers and the KH hall could take 125. Today my wife tells me (she is still in) that the average ns. of attendees is 25, except for when the CO comes , then maybe 35 shows up. This means that very little money is coming in the money box… I wonder when they decide to sell it of??

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Our "adopted", but seriously avoided KH, has approximately 80-90 publishers. On our very infrequent visits, I never count more than 50-55 in attendance.

    Thanks STAN - another one bites the dust. The great "increase" rumbles on with the org's chariot.

  • millie210
    Hi, Darkknight757.
    May I ask you a question?
    What does COBE stand for?

    Chairman of the Body of Elders.

    That is the new term for the head elder in a congregation. It used to be "Presiding Overseer" (PO) and now it is COBE - Chairman of the Body of Elders.

    Apologies to Darkknight if I intruded!

  • sir82

    Our congregation, around 125 publishers, with kids the grand total is around 140.

    Yesterday's attendance: 94. About 10-15 visitors (from other congregations), and 10-15 on the phone line.

    So actual bodies in the KH, as a proportion of our congregation, was below 50%.

    This Sunday was a little sparser than usual, but not by much. Actual bodies in the KH as a proportion of the congregation is probably, usually, 60-70% on Sundays, less during the week.

  • sir82

    Chairman of the Body of Elders.

    Actually, that's "Coordinator".

    --Sir82, Pedantic Class

  • Thisismein1972

    When I was attending my local KH, they had no second school due to the low numbers. The elders were also having to constantly cover parts for the ministry school, as it was called then.

    I could never get my head round the low turnout, especially when they merged the two congregations together...Now I know why, most active JW's probably think it is a crock of shit!

    The last memorial I went to was actually pretty shocking in the way of numbers. They always needed to use the second school and back room. The last one I attended never even got this close!

  • A Believer
    A Believer

    The KH attendance is at a high. Yesterday I went to a friends KH and they also had a lot of members. Good to see so many in the Truth.

  • freddo

    @ A Believer

    How about some numbers attending v publishers? "a high" and "lots" sound like "soon".

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