Fifty years ago today: One quote to demolish the Watchtower

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  • LongHairGal

    JEFF T:

    I wasn’t associated with the Witnesses either back when they made this statement. I am now many years ‘faded’ from the religion.

    I am also retired and very glad I resisted the Witnesses bad advice. They tried to get me to quit my decent job so I could be in full time ministry and targeted to do favors for all the users in the congregation. Sorry but I wasn’t having this. I resisted the name calling. I was hardly invited anywhere.

    But, all this bad treatment means nothing now and I’m glad I stuck to my guns and followed my gut...Many hypocritical older JWs with cushy lives who criticized me have passed away. As far as my judgmental peers my age: I hope they can pay their bills. If not, they better track down their ‘spiritual’ friends who invited them to all those special gatherings and ask them for money.

    I feel I have to rub this in because of the treatment I received because I kept my job.. But, my instincts were right and I’m glad I listened to my not-a-JW Dad instead of the various fools and hypocrites in the religion.

  • Humphry

    I first read this quote by typing 1975 into the WT CD rom back in the early 1990's and it was the beginning of the end for me it took about 8 years from that point onward till finally out mentally.

  • BluesBrother

    Yes we really swallowed that stuff. I mean , we said " 1975 might not be exactly right, but God would never let his

    People be so far wrong on a matter like this, would he?"

    This ought to be startling to modern dubs but they are so capable of doublethink that they have no problem with the belief that "God teaches through the literature " & " The Society is only human"

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I remember it well. 15 years old and very intersted in the moon shots. My Dad sat me down and read this article to me and told me not to get interested in anything in the world. Don't have any friends outside the borg because all the people I know who are not in the borg will be dead. That fear keep me from getting a higer education in what in what I wanted to do. The borg really screwed up alot of lifes. Still Totally ADD

  • Ding

    Basically, they have the same message to young people today.

    Give up a career to pioneer because Armageddon is coming any day now.

  • lastmanstanding

    I remember the BS. I was not quite 10 when this article was published. It screwed up my life.

    Education was condemned. The article suggests that a “trade” would be the way to go. The article suggests that ‘since 4-6 years is too long a time’ to spend in learning, as the end was only a few years off, that young dubs should get a trade instead.

    Sure, to get a trade, you just fire a dime into the bubblegum machine and you might get a trade come out. It takes 5 minutes.

    These stupid morons at Watchtower had no idea.

    I finally did get a trade. I will retire in a few more years.

    To get a trade takes 9000 hours. Usually 5 years. You have to work full time, usually overtime too, and alongside “worldly people” ...achhhH!

    How is that any different than going to University? It’s not shorter! You still spend all your time at it!

    Oh... the governing bimbos meant become a window cleaner or a painter.

    Thats not a freaking trade.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has been participating in fear mongering false doctrines to promote its published literature for over a 100 years.

    Its really an endeavoring ploy by a few select men to cultivate power and money in a guise of religoius virtue.

    It has been preaching a tainted commercialized Gospel for decades and doesn't seem to stop this any time soon.

  • blondie

    I was a older teenager in 1969 and I missed this advice or disregarded. I know some of my contemporaries quit high school to regular pioneer before the end. In 1974 they had to go back to school and get their diploma/GED in order to get a better paying job. They missed 5 years of their life and struggled until they died in the last 3 years. Their families have fallen by the wayside and out of the WTS.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Thanks Jeff for posting this I was just talking about that article with a family member today! I remember well and the effect on my life. Complete Nonsense, rubbish, and they dare call this "spiritual food at the proper time"?

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