I'm 90% PIMO but events in Russia made me stop and think maybe Jehovah is real and helping

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  • flipper

    I agree with JAMBON 1 - If " Jah " as you call him is allegedly " saving " the JW's from further Russian " persecution " - then how come " Jah " isn't stopping the Governing Body from killing JW's in prohibiting them to take life saving blood transfusions ? How come the WT Governing Body isn't protecting JW children from being victims of child abuse within the organization and hiding database files on 20,000 known JW pedophiles- refusing to release this information to the courts ? How come the WT Governing Body continues to break up families from the shunning policies which cause many ex-JW's to derail mentally and commit suicide ?

    If " Jah " is that loving of a " God " - ask yourself these questions . Time to wake up and smell the coffee man. As someone mentioned earlier- this is not Disney world from our youth

  • pale.emperor

    Ok, allow me to remind you of the following:

    Jehovah allowed JW's in africa to be gangraped, chopped up alive, burned alive, put in prison and starved to death. He also allowed his people to end up in concentration camps during WW2. He gave C.T.Russell wrong information, Rutherford wrong information again, Knorr wrong information yet again and even now he's allowing his people in Korea and the middle east to be banned. He allowed his people in France to go to prison in the 1990s and ALL OF A SUDDEN decides to maneuver things this week so that his people in Russia can have their memorial?

    If really does exist he's not worth of being worshiped. The incompetent fool.

  • waton

    pale emperor, do not complain, he allowed to get all the previous dates wrong, but this time from the 11 to 12 he got it right. finally. did not use the jw's GB, F&DS though, he let the Russian judges work instead. May be he should realize he was using the wrong channel before? l !! just missed the unlucky 13.

  • snowbird



  • MexiBritYank

    Physically In Mentally Out?

  • rebel8

    Oh honey. They have been exposed many, many times over the last >100 years.

    If a big scandal was big enough to expose them, none of us would have ever become dubs, because those scandals started way before we were born.

    The problem is not the lack of a big scandal to expose them, but rather the ingrained defensive reaction dubs have to all disconfirming information-->denial and rationalization.

  • Nevuela

    Thank you, Snowbird/Sylvia, for asking the same question I did that went unanswered, and thank you, MexiBritYank, for giving us a plausible answer. Why couldn't Google give me what I asked for? "Physically in, mentally out" seems too obvious now.

  • ScenicViewer
    I mean, J.W's are understandably fixated with attending the Memorial, so why didn't the court say it will resume on Monday or Tuesday, instead setting Wednesday 12 April as the date?

    Are you personally aware of the schedule that court uses? Maybe Mon and Tue are used for other types of business. Remember the trial started on Wed, not Mon or Tue, so to resume on Wed doesn't seem terribly odd.

    Aren't you making a leap in assuming Jehovah had something to do with it?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Part of me believes the comments from pro-J.W's that Jehovah moved events so they could attend the Memorial.

    It's amazing how superstitious otherwise rationally thinking people can be. The memorial is held after sundown so I doubt any of the court proceedings would be still in session at that time of night anyway. If Jehovah had his hand in any of this, why would it even be happening in the first place?

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    I agree on reflection that a mass crumbling of the J.W religion because all 8m+ members suddenly realise it's all rubbish wouldn't be a good thing mentally or socially for so many current believers, as it's all they've got.

    It's ruining my life, though, their policies negatively affecting the present and future for my unbelieving husband and I, and on a more trivial scale meaning we only ever have about 40% of our weekends to enjoy ourselves, as I've got to waste 3 hours every Sunday at the afternoon meeting.

    The main reason I still go is because leaving would destroy my parents. I know it's "their problem" but I don't want to cause any hurt to them, so I guess this is why, amidst my occasional silly 'it could actually be the truth still' moments, I would love for a huge scandal to rock the bOrg so badly that my parents see sense. My 72-year-old Father has been involved with cases of child abuse in the past, but these days seems to think, act and speak like the sun shine's out of the bOrg's ass, so I assume the ARC has had no impact on his feelings/attitude at all, sadly.

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