I'm 90% PIMO but events in Russia made me stop and think maybe Jehovah is real and helping

by Isambard Crater 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Isambard, I think the same thing at times....why isn't the org. exposed for what really counts....THE ARC..but here's my take...this is for those who are emotionally attached to God not the org. I have read on this site those who learned TTATT, some were devastated...one female was so overcome she was down for days...so again, if Jehovah is behind this org...he won't bring it down just like that...it will be gradual just like the Catholics...

    Many of the friends are so emotionally connected to the org. they would be no more good if the org. went down right away....

    Maybe God is weaning the friends by letting them hear about the scandals yet nothing is done....maybe it's to put bugs in our ears...

    Jehovah knows the witnesses are arrogant....these leaks are just like Chinese water torture....at least for those who are emotionally attached to the org...they know but can't believe and can't say anything...now that's torture, but those of us still in not drinking the kool-aide are ok with knowing but not saying..and planning for our escape...

    Just think if the org. was exposed right away, do you really want approx. 8 million nuts let out on society, oh yes, they are, but because they take their meds.(JW kool-aide), just think if they didn't....a bunch of nuts let out...so I kind of think Jehovah is backing the org. not because it's his chosen org, is that The Society needs to be brought to their knees....and we may not like the way God is doing it...but pay attention...You also have to think of the org being brought down like this illustration....when a person hasn't eaten in a while, you can't give them a steak you have to feed them gradually, otherwise their stomachs would explode..same as the org...can't bring it down right away, many of the friends minds would explode or implode or short circuit...and I'm a witness, I'm on the inside, so I know the mental capacity of these folks...they are not stable...

    I want the scandals to be exposed for the reason that if those who choose to stay it won't be because they are forced or that they believe it's a clean organization...and if you wish to stay ok, if not, no repercussions....it should be a religion where yes, you are held accountable for your actions but YOU are held accountable...nobody else...it should be a religion where you can come and go...& Stay out of folks personal life....

    So do I think Jehovah is behind this...who knows....only time will tell...but we sure no more than the org. would like us to know..


  • alcyone

    Isambard, this is normal experience when you are leaving the org. You start to see "signs" it is anyway truth. I will ask you 2 questions:

    1 Are you familiar with other religious groups and do you know if they experience the same signs as this let-them-allow-to-have-memorial is? When we are locked in a bubble it is very difficult to judge such a sign - you have nothing to compare to it and put it to a perspective. I promise you will finds the same "signs" everywhere.

    2 Do you really think God would help JW to hold a rite that is in direct contradiction to Jesus' words in Luke 22:19: And he took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.

    JWs are not doing this - they are but respectful observers...

  • jambon1

    If there is truly a god who backs shunning/blood doctrine & enabling paedophiles to continue abuse through a flawed policy then it doesn't really matter.

    I don't want to worship such a god and would rather die than live forever giving praise to a god like that.


  • unsure
    but having been raised in it and all that, I sometimes get these 'oh, wait a second; maybe...' moments.

    This is normal. Seven years out (as a born-in ex JW) and I still get "what if?" moments. We have been well programed. We have been brainwashed. We have been trained to look for any sign of Jehovah's backing in mere coincidences.

    Always remember that correlation does not imply causation. This is considered a questionable cause logical fallacy.

    Always remember Occam's Razor.


  • nowwhat?

    If one entity of Satan's world persecutes the witnesses. Then the organization appeals to another part of Satan's world for justice . If the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one you would think Satan would coordinate all his agencies to be on the same page!

  • jwfacts

    JW's are banned in other countries, so why do you feel what is happening in Russia is of any relevance? It is superstitious thinking.

  • Finkelstein

    It seems the J.W's will not be banned, which makes my mind and heart wrestle between thinking Jah's behind it.

    Really so if another of the hundreds different Christian based religions were contesting a ban and they won the restriction, you would support the thought that Jah was behind them ?

    There have been many situations where countries were trying to restrict or ban religious faiths but were eventually released from being banned within those countries.

    Not much rational thinking there Isambard Crater

  • notjustyet

    Imagine if Bernie Madoff, the worlds biggest Ponzi scheme architect stating "Someday,.. the authorities will come after me and make claims about the way I conduct business and will try to stop me from doing what I do" and when this happens it will prove that I was correct in making this statement and this will shore up your belief in me"

    This works on those that that have not done their research on Bernie Madoff.

    Also sometimes a persons belief in whether the wtbts is backed by a supreme being does not flip over instantly. It can be a transition. Sounds like your somewhere in there moving toward figuring it out but still have some residual cobwebs that need to be rooted out. I think most of us have/had a little bit of "what if"

  • scratchme1010

    It seems the J.W's will not be banned, which makes my mind and heart wrestle between thinking , or maybe the ministry of justice is just woefully prepared compared to the superb Australian Royal Commission team who did their homework. It surprises me the Russians seemingly haven't done any homework.

    I could reason with you, pointing that in the same paragraph where you state that "Jah's behind it", you also mention the state of preparedness of the ministry of justice and the Royal Commission (which hints no divine intervention at all). OK, I just did, but regarding of how much it makes sense (or doesn't) to gauge the level of involvement of "Jehovah" based on the different outcomes, what I get from your post is something that I find more relevant.

    I may be wrong, but I get the impression that even with doubt, you still care for the WT and what they say about their "Jehovah" being true. I wonder what exactly makes you feel that way, that is, on one hand you have reasonable proof (that works for you) about the WT not being what they claim they are, but on the other hand seems like you want to reinforce it by some kind of unequivocal proof (by means of a scandal). I wonder why would you need something like that, or, actually, what result do you think a scandal will cause? Is it for you, for your own reinforcement of what you know, or is it for the world to know that you are right about how you feel?

    To me that's important because things like that are among the reasons many people stay in their congregation (or leave) and continue making important life decisions judged based on what they say. That's not something to be taken lightly.


    You are really having "doubts" about your doubts ? The choice has always been yours whether to leave or stay -

    Is the memorial as celebrated by JW's scriptural / logical ? Can you answer that for yourself?

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