I'm 90% PIMO but events in Russia made me stop and think maybe Jehovah is real and helping

by Isambard Crater 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • tor1500


    I've read that many say, if Jehovah is backing the org. then why does this or that happen ? If Jehovah is a loving God why would he let certain things take place...especially in his organization....ummmm....maybe just maybe this isn't his organization and that's why stuff is happening in there just like in the rest of the world and the witnesses won't believe that it's not God's org., but he keeps not backing them....that should give them a sign...

    But, humor me here...if this is God's org, and all these scandals....why aren't they being exposed? Who is behind them not being exposed....I'm talking NYT, ABC (prime time, not when folks are sleeping), major networks and newspapers, why has the Ban in Russia have so much coverage....who is blocking the news from Australia regarding the ARC....


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