Would You Outlaw Jehovah's Witnesses If You Had Your Way?

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  • Magnum

    pbrow: "Other then taking away tax exempt status, you cannot ban or outlaw religion.

    The laws in the US pretty much cover the behavior. It floors me how people want to take away liberty because they were hurt by a church."

    Isn't that a strawman argument? I think the OP is just a hypothetical question and that not many have indicated that JWs could actually be banned in the U.S.

  • undercover

    No. Freedom of religion.

    I would like to see religions held more accountable for harm that is caused by their authoritarian structure. Child abuse issue mainly. Not just the individual priest, preacher, deacon, elder... but hold the entire system accountable. It's being focused on more in some countries (Australia), but in the US, religion is a sacred institution that is protected, even if the occasional follower/leader is found guilty of horrendous crimes.

    Lawsuits are damning, but too easily hushed up with gag orders, and payoffs with agreement to keep quiet.

    No easy answer.

  • LongHairGal


    That's a hard one and it's tricky. I know we're in love with the idea of religious freedom and the history books taught us lessons of people fleeing for their lives etc. because of their religion. So, the idea of banning a religion seems abhorrent to some people.

    But, religion has gotten very complicated. Freedom of religion shouldn't be a license to do anything you want.

    I believe the JW religion is not harmless but damaging and at the very least there should be laws to check their hand when it comes to the blood transfusion issue and minors in addition to protection against pedophiles... Also what about when one of its adherents causes an employer to be sued for breach of confidentiality:...for example when a Witness works in a hospital and finds out a patient who is a JW had an abortion, an STD or blood transfusion; the Witness goes and blabs....Far too many Witnesses will leave a disaster in their wake and have no sense of professional behavior or confidentiality. This is also a consequence of their being uneducated. Educated people at least have a sense of how the world works.

    I also feel that they (in addition to other religions) should show they help the community and I'm not referring to free bible studies. They should do what Christendom does or lose tax status.

  • Bad_Wolf

    "When my JW mother made me promise her that I would never give her a blood transfusion, I agreed." - Same, but if it comes down to it, I'd have her get one. Rather beg for forgiveness or have her angry than dead and never see again.

  • EdenOne

    I second what Island Man said and would add that any tax exemptions should be refused to religions who are not fully abiding to the law of the land - that would include those who encourage its members to civil disobedience, non-cooperation with authorities, hate speech and refusing life-saving medical procedures. And those who persist in not abiding to the law shoud have their legal status revoked and be considered like a common for-profit corporation.

  • Vidiot



    Strip 'em of tax-exemption, though?


  • Iamallcool

    Sure I wish there was a total JW ban while growing up from birth.

  • Onager

    Ban - no.

    Strip Tax exemption - Yes.

    Introduce law that makes shunning under 18's (21?) Child Abuse.

    Give it a year or two and the JW's would disappear all on their own.

  • Bangalore

    No. Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of human rights.However I agree with removing tax exemption.

  • LoveUniHateExams
    Would You Outlaw Jehovah's Witnesses If You Had Your Way? - no, but I'd shoot the GB members.

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