Would You Outlaw Jehovah's Witnesses If You Had Your Way?

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  • ShirleyW

    Just on the blood issue alone, thousands thought they were giving their lives to Jehovah when they were just following what seven old guys in Brooklyn told them to do. The GB should be under the jail just for that issue alone. All religions/cults have the sex abuse issues which are also very serious but only the Dubs don't believe in blood and thousands have given up their lives for absolutely nothing!

  • scratchme1010

    I still believe in freedom of religion even if I disagree with the beliefsof the religion. What about you?

    I believe in freedom of religion. I think that if it was up to me, and they have the right to exist, I'd strongly suggest reform. I can't care less about what they teach, but I know that many people do.

    If they want to be a legitimate religion, really caring for their people, then be so, but they don't need to mislead people to make their most important life decisions around their lies.

  • sparrowdown

    If it were up to me I would make all religions accountable to the same laws as any business like standards of quality control and false claims of the benefits of a product, paying employees, etc etc and let the chips fall where they fall re survival of all in the business of selling the product of religion.

  • Saename

    I wouldn't outlaw them, but I would take away their tax-exempt status for numerous violations of human rights.

    Edit: I would do the same to other religions that violate human rights. I can't single out just one of them for two reasons. Firstly, it is a double standard I cannot legally and logically allow. Secondly, it feeds the persecution complex of the religious people who are affected by my decision to take away their tax-exempt status.

  • Chook

    I would outlaw all religions that baptised children weren't free to leave without sanctions. As for JWs they are a extremely dangerous religious sect due to deaths from no blood , and their shunning policies that totally wreck generations of family structure . It's only the craziest of Muslim sects that call for death to apostates, Jws would in a heartbeat call for the death of apostates if they ruled a country. So in conclusion JW should fall into the same camp as ISIS, because they both wish death to apostates, so yes BAN them.

  • Magnum

    No, I would not.

    HOWEVER, I have been giving a lot of thought lately to the possible propriety of a worldwide outlawing of the exposure of people under a certain age (perhaps 24) to religious indoctrination of any kind. Young people born into religious families have virtually no choice as to their indoctrination into the religions of their families, and I don't think that's right. I feel that young people don't have enough knowledge, experience, etc. to choose a certain religion or whether to have a religion at all.

    I feel that a factual study in an academic setting of all religions and the history of religion should be a part of the education of all young people. Then, when they've acquired knowledge and experience, I feel that they should be allowed to choose any religion they want.

    So, to sum up, I don't think JWism should be outlawed; I think JWdom's indoctrinating young, inexperienced ones should be outlawed.

    A little off subject, but I would like to add that, really, I'm concerned about almost any kind of indoctrination of young people, like, for example, that of a political kind. I think parents should teach young people core values that are almost universally accepted and agreed upon, and that they should provide for them education of a kind that is as factual and unbiased as possible and one wherein young people can debate and share ideas and choose for themselves their religion, politics, etc.

  • smiddy

    I agree with oneEyedjoe`s suggestion its more practical and logical

  • HereIgo
    As much as it damages families and relationships, I wouldn't outlaw it. I believe people should have the freedom to believe in whatever they want.
  • minimus

    Very insightful posts!👍👍

  • pbrow

    Other then taking away tax exempt status, you cannot ban or outlaw religion.

    The laws in the US pretty much cover the behavior. It floors me how people want to take away liberty because they were hurt by a church.

    Sure, there are cases that fall through the cracks, some followers will not seek medical treatment for themselves or their children but using the federal government to stomp out ideas is not the way to deal with bad ideas.


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