2019 BOE Elders letter May 13 England - Ireland Data Protection

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  • slimboyfat

    Amazing, thanks for the info Dubya.

    Please let us know if and when you get any further instruction on how on earth foreign language congregations are supposed to function under the new rules.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I remember when I was a kid back in the 70's my Mother called at the door of a young couple who showed interest. It was the 70's so the guy had long hair and faded jeans, the girl had beads around her neck and was wearing faded patched jeans etc. My Mother was fastidious about keeping the required house to house records and also wrote their names and address in her own "Return Visit / Back Call " book and made a note that said "Young Hippie Couple" to remind herself of their conversation.

    When she called on them again, she left her "Return Visit" book open and the young woman saw the note and said indignantly "We're not Hippies !"

    Mom was embarrassed of course and tried to explain that to someone of her generation, anyone with long hair and faded jeans, was what was they though of as a Hippie, which of course isn't true.

    Try as she might to apologize, the young woman suddenly lost interest and my Mom learned a hard lesson about not pigeon holing people based on their appearance. Mom always felt that the ministry was a life saving work and keeping accurate house to house records was of utmost importance so that no one was missed. She worried that she may be held responsible for "stumbling" a potential sheep in this particular instance.

    I think she'd have felt better had she known that 4 decades later, the end didn't come after all and in fact they would be told not to keep house to house records at all.

  • LongHairGal


    I suppose I would have also been offended if I read something like that about myself. I think it’s just the idea that somebody has the audacity to label somebody or presumably judge them - reduce them to a wrong stereotype - and write it down no less. No wonder the girl was turned off.

    Back then in the early ‘70s (before I became a JW) it was the style for some to look like a hippie more or less even if you weren’t. I had the long hair but I was conservative and worked. I was certainly no hippie. Your mother could have written that about me, LOL.

    It is just as well Witnesses are told not to keep these types of records anymore. The whole idea was obnoxious as far as I was concerned and I cringed and only wrote the person’s gender and if I placed anything. However, I think some JWs will keep records anyway.😉

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