2019 BOE Elders letter May 13 England - Ireland Data Protection

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  • Not_Culty
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Good news! No doubt this instruction is being sent to all branches in Europe as GDPR is applicable in the whole of Europe.

  • cobweb

    This is HUGE. No more Not at homes. No more noting down info for return visits.

    Perhaps the service meeting will now have items helping ones to develop JW's memory skills.

    With no proactive way of being able to record interest beyond first call, the pointlessness of field ministry is going to be even more evident. The chances of hours in service translating into bible studies & new members, much more remote.

  • sir82

    My VPN blocks the site....can anyone post the contents of the letter?

  • Not_Culty
  • Not_Culty
  • Atlantis


    Many thanks! No more note taking or not at homes. No more personal data being recorded on slips. About time!


  • dozy

    How many congregations were diligent in chasing up not homes , anyway? Most records just ended up getting lost , left in publisher's bags or pockets etc. Or a publisher would retain " for their own use " , never to be seen again.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    How many congregations were diligent in chasing up not homes , anyway?

    I know my congregation was at times. The best thing about NAH is that when you do them, it's more walking and looking at your paper than knocking doors.

    Now only knocking doors will be left. Almost no way to build a 'magazine route' anymore (not that there were any magazines to route). No more slow walking and searching for that next not at home on your list. Just door to door grinding and cult carts. Makes field service even worse than it was.

  • sir82

    That's wild!

    Did you see this from the reddit thread:

    wish something like this happened in the US.

    It could potentially apply as it is. If they preach to an EU citizen living in the US (or anywhere else), and they

    make a GDPR complaint, the EU can fine the branch over there.

    Several US states have new passed new legislation very similar to GDPR. They take effect next year.

    See: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Consumer_Privacy_Act

    That's pretty much the end of door to door ministry as we know it.

    Gotta love it. Hitler couldn't stop it, nor Stalin, nor Putin.....but the threat of fines against Bethel? New light, new light, new light! Change 100+ years of tradition 'cuz they might legitimately take our money!

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