Good Guys VS Bad Guys: Facts Nobody Wants to KNow

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  • Ruby456

    Luhe I do mostly agree with you regarding why people here in the Uk want to Brexit. It is just that I disagree with you on what the causes are of the lack of opportunities for young and not so young people here in the Uk.

  • humbled

    Ruby— l looked up that link and signed on to futurelearn. I don’t have much time beyond what I said have stolen for this discussion. But so much of that course covers things talked about here l will try to keep up.

    luhe—are your talking points directed at anything l may have said? I hoped l was clear that l don’t have a brief against capitalism. I do have an issue with the massive sway that huge corporations are exerting over democratic processes and government. I thought about whether my phone was produced by capitalism and l am not satisfied it was. But perhaps it’s price was a result of capitalism.

    There are a lot of moving parts to your remarks. I see you have a lovely thread on toxic masculinity that l am watching and reading the videos and links given-certainly a world unsettled.

    It seems to be unraveling, doesn’t it? I hope to pick up the threads ov conversation after a night’s sleep. Take care friends.

  • Ruby456

    Yes and I only have done courses that speak to our predicament. I intend to diversify in future.

    The good thing is that if I can get over my initial discomfort at there not being easy solutions is that inspirations and new visions for the future and for the present are offered. Another good thing is that you realise that other learners share your concerns, they share their knowledge and share their disagreements with the educators who then must tackle those questions.

  • Ruby456

    luhe Have you given any thought to how the lack of funding for science and scientific projects from the EU once Brexit is complete will affect finding work in your chosen subject biology? This is what the uk science community is worried about - the fundin, the sharing etc. The EU has developed sharing and funding for world class science and tech.

    The USa is retreating into protectionism, India, Russia and China are growing in hegemonic power etc etc.....pls see step 1.15 of linked course. Of course you will get a chance to disagree vehemently with the cause authors!!!

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