I was surprised today by what I saw a JW driving

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    The interesting thing to me is that there is a video (by WT) about a husband and wife selling their home, moving to an apartment, using their $$ / accomplishments to "further the kingdom".

    It is surprising, with all that WT tries to train people to do & think, (Caleb/ Sophia & ice cream $, by god, haha) that it is not working on some.

    I dont think there's anything wrong buying things you work hard for, or enjoying it, or even being proud of your accomplishments. No one will argue that.

    I think that the point was: surprise... especially for those of us raised in the 60's, to see the change (which is good! Party on!) from the viewpoint "are you really being spiritual buying THAT kind of car?"

    Heck, my husband sold his beloved 70 something two door California Mustang to buy a 4 door Datsun (whose vinyl seats cracked in the freezing temps of Maine) to pioneer where the "need was greater"...

    And 10 years ago, we have an elder and his fam come rolling into the Kingdom Hall parking lot in this Gigantic Hummer! Getting 1 mile to the gallon, haha!

    That's the difference. 😉

  • fulano

    You americans have to understand that the car issue is typical from your country. In the northern part of Europe I never heard in my youth people talking about having sportscars or two door cars. In fact nobody that we knew had a van, just regular 2 or 4 doors. Some had Porsches or English sportscars, one elder almost 6,8 inches tall used to drive a Triumph Spitfire, that was funny. Only one elder was subject of mockery or scorn...he drove a Camaro. He was nicknamed the pimp, as only dealers and pimps drove and drive american brands.

  • blondie

    fulano, in the US, a person's car is their castle, their status is judged by the cars they own. It carries over into the congregations here. So it is a no-no although the 2-door restriction is a unofficial restriction that varies from congregation to congregation. I knew pioneers that had 2-door cars because they are less expensive and that was all they could afford. One of my cousins had a car that was valued for its speed. No one said anything in this are, they were impressed by the good price he got it at.

  • LV101

    Maybe that's true for younger generation. I think the castle/location/hood is still #1 in US or how many vacay homes one owns. Many people pay a chunk for a car and drive for years and could care less and are affluent/can afford to flip for new models any time. I think it depends on age, too, and how attached they are to the car. I have friends who've been driving the same car for years - one friend wrecked her car, cried her eyes out when ins. said it was totaled (hardly anything wrong with it) and hunted down the same exact model/color as her older one and her husband fought ins. co to repair her original she wrecked. Some weird business practices out there or they like to grab up luxury, mint-condition, cars.

  • Iamallcool

    I am not surprised anymore. Brother Dallas Wallace drove his a very nice Cadillac to give a talk at our hall years ago. Dallas Wallace was the first owner of Mighty Auto Parts, he sold the company before he died.

  • Finkelstein

    Fred Flintstone had an approved JWS vehicle, it was modest had plenty of room for service work.

    It was economically too because it didn't need gas.

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