I was surprised today by what I saw a JW driving

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  • Finkelstein

    I think what this poster is saying and trying to show is the obvious hypocrisy that actively goes on inside the JWS cult by its members.

    Materialism isn't supposed to be respected and honored in the JW religion.

    Righteous JWS are supposed to be humble, modest and not showy of their material wealth.

    Point of hypocrisy could made concerning GB member Anthony Morris buying a dozen bottles of expensive whiskey and putting the carry on box into his Cadillac.

    But when it comes to treating people higher in the organization like CO, GB members, that seems to be put aside and the luxury cars and expensive restaurants come out.

  • LV101

    Good points re/materialism - the scripture about a showy display of one's wealth comes to mind but they boast about all the cult's properties -- even how many cranes the cult owns and word it like 'we own ? cranes in this country alone' -- I couldn't believe my ears.

    It doesn't matter if you drive an old Hugo and wear a wardrobe from Walmart -- the nosey cult members make it their plan to get into your home - your fridge, your vacay home, scrutinize every piece of clothing on your body - go to the stores to check out the price tags (FACT) complain to the elders about your materialistic life -- (I could care less but did try to dress like a vagrant) beg for this/that the other -- everything from furniture to asking to look through your donation piles and trash. I'd even switch cars when necessary driving a big ole 4 door boat - I hated it and dumped it as soon as I could. Ones working at the high end malls (oh gawd) hound you w/selling - calls to come into the store when it's slow for their superior's commissions, try to find out your credit limits - unreal. You might as well drive a Rolls Royce because they are haters (no matter no matter) except when they need money and then the stage syrup gets drippy. I get the class divisions in this country but where's the common decency (forget about love, kindness, thankfulness or the Jesus xtianity story) after the gift/check is signed.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I think the point of the story is that :

    JW's aren't supposed to make a showy display of ones means of life....especially while out in field service, lest they distract the householder from the message and/or stumble the JW's of lesser means. JW's are encouraged to pursue the ministry rather than procuring/storing riches in this system. The admonition in their publications and from the platform is to follow the humble and lowly example set by Jesus and the Apostles and to separate oneself from the world and to distain its materialistic pursuits.

    (Although if you visit any of the new Bethel complexes, you'd soon realize that material comforts are first and foremost on their minds and they don't give a hoot how showy their properties are. When I was a Bethelite, the higher ranking members were driven to meetings and elsewhere in black Lincoln Town cars. I remember getting counseled when I was young because my car only had 2 doors and was deemed impractical for service.)

  • LongHairGal


    Wow, you actually let them get into your life like that?? When I saw the overstepping of boundaries, I put my hand up and said No.. I was especially guarded because I was a target of criticism because I worked full time..They think everybody’s supposed to be an ‘open book’ - the only problem is these bastards try to tear a page out.

    One sister described me as ‘having a bubble around me’. With the way things were there, there was no other way I could be!

    I don’t regret for one minute being guarded with the Witnesses..When I read horror stories of what happened to others - I was Super right !


    One busybody sister made a remark to me about how somebody’s car should be four doors for the Friends in field service. I answered her: “If the religion makes MY car payments I’ll get what they want.”

  • Finkelstein

    Although if you visit any of the new Bethel complexes, you'd soon realize that material comforts are first and foremost on their minds and they don't give a hoot how showy their properties are.

    Are you talking about the outdoor tennis courts and indoor swimming pools/ Jacuzzis or maybe the fleet of new cars the WTS has for the GB and upper elite members ???

  • iwantoutnow

    Silver Vantage

    He didnt bring that to meetings, the 5 series Beemer was for public view.

  • tiki

    Its just an assumption they were witnesses...and an assumption that they forked over $100k for the vehicle.....perhaps they were simply a group of conservatively dressed people going to a funeral in a rented car, chosen for show off value. Or maybe the driver was a car dealer out advertising. And if they were indeed dubs who really gives a poop.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Nobody wears ties and long skirts except JWs when out and about

    The country club elite are certainly around; actually they are the ones with the resources to meet and wine and dine the visiting dignitaries. The give the assembly talk about living modestly. And they are protective of their cars, no door dings, I have seen special parking arrangements in times past when the venue had limited space

  • rickroll

    There are cult members who have businesses and will spend money and also the cult attracts the leftist liberal hippie cult type. I know there are other types but Brutus Michigan cong. was one I went to when I was dating a girl there that was very hippie type. Bunch of old hippies who moved out of the cities down state and went to very north Michigan and were brought into the cult because they were already anti establishment. The anti establishment rhetoric was just what the Doc ordered for these simple minds.

  • LV101

    rickroll - You are right re/the "leftist liberal hippie cult type." However, these were far from educated elitists other than the 'same as college education reading the WT rhetoric'. The left wasn't so 'elitist' nor 'academically credentialed' back then. There are a few here but they snubbed anyone not in same economic circle of poverty and lived in gov't housing when they could have afforded to pay for normal housing. Taking advantage of dirt cheap situations and wouldn't budge.

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