I was surprised today by what I saw a JW driving

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I was out thrift shopping where my sister lives. Before I went in to the store, I went to donut shop a few doors down. As I walked up, there by the window was a family and others eating donuts. First impression was that they were witnesses. Shirt and tie for the men and the young boys, and long skirts on the ladies.

    So I got a donut and turned around to glance briefly at them. The father noticed and smiled - I could imagine the thought that they were giving a "witness" was running through his mind.

    Anyway I went to the thrift store and then came out and got in my car. By that time they had finished and came out. I thought they were heading for a white toyota car but instead the husband came around a nice new dark grey car with paper plates. With a flourish he pointed his key fob at the car. I thought Oh he's unlocking the doors. Instead, the two back doors lift straight up like bird wings. It had a symbol on the trunk. Turns out it's a Tesla.

    If it's an X model, it's over $100,000.

    Used to be Cadillacs, BMW's and Mercedes that would certainly raise eyebrows but a Tesla? Probably the brother can explain it away by saying "Well if the GB happen to come for a visit, I'm certain they would enjoy being taken around in my Tesla"

  • waton

    since wt publications never have cars in the "New System" , it makes sense that this vanishing feature be exploited to the full, seeing that the end is so near. Because most rime counted in the "k service" is spend sitting in cars, might as well make that sitting a max quality experience; right? besides

    what went into this car, did not end up in wt's coffers. Odd,

    Singapore, an island nation very fitting for the Tesla's 400 km range.has s banned both the J -witnesses and Tesla.

  • fulano

    Why were you surprised? I dont get it.

  • jayjay78

    so you thought they were witnesses, but they probably werent if they could afford that car..

    whats the point of this story?

  • stillin

    Well, good. Maybe he will "stumble" some by his worldliness.

  • iwantoutnow
    I got that topped.
    One brother who became an elder, kept scaling up every 2 years or so till he had an Aston Martin.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I get why you were surprised... I grew up in the 60's / 70's.... and on when having anything but a 4 door car that was modest was frowned upon....

    Are you being materialistic?

    Are you being flashy, immodest?

    Can't your funds be given to WT to help build K Halls?

    That is what was drilled into us, and people frown on those that were acting "worldly" by buying such cars. They weren't 'spiritual' or 'putting the Kingdom first."

    Except...... If you were VERY rich, VERY 'up on the favored list' ... somehow it was 'ok' for you to flash your $$

  • Theonlyoneleft

    Lol. Maybe they weren’t witnesses or maybe they were. ☺️

    my family only buys old cars falling apart... one reason is to keep low key, the evil eyes of those around them. 😰

    The next is because they are so used to live in poverty that is already normal to them. So blooming sad! I think they really enjoy their thriftiness while achieving the essentials of life.

    BUT my brother the elder... bought his car from the factory... new to order. Nothing ostentatious but when I asked why.... he simply said that because they were sent to a older members congregation in the middle of nowhere that they had a reliable car to do all the things they needed.

    funny but necessary 🤣🤣🤣

  • fulano

    What colour iwantoutnow, and which model? I would like to do return visits with him, me driving of course :)

  • LV101

    Teslas are beautiful -- (some models, just my opinion) problem owning in some cities is when they need to be serviced they are hauled out of state (depending on where you reside, of course) and even leaving one in California -- well, always being serviced and you decide anything reliable will be a plus. My husband hates Teslas. They've probably improved last 2 yrs.

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