QUICK! Questions to ask MARK SANDERSON!!!!!!!

by TeenageInsider 53 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • TheListener
    TeenageInsider, what's the latest on this story? I liked your "teaser" post as you put it. Everything ok?
  • Gorbatchov

    Teenageinsider is maybe recognized by some monitors here. How much folks are behind the platform in an official function? It's too simple to ignore for jw.org this opportunity to slam some servant in the face and take action against traitors.

    It is simple to track somebody, take care please! The enemy is reading here.

    Gorby (who can't be found)

  • Londo111
    Good work, Teenage Insider.
  • Truthexplorer
    If you get a chance, please ask him if he would welcome a members freedom to express their views when they believe something is clearly wrong or questionable, so that such feed back can be used constructively to benefit the organisation!

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