QUICK! Questions to ask MARK SANDERSON!!!!!!!

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  • baker

    what is his annual stipend , and who of the 7 comes up with the amount.

  • baker

    If we criticize the clergy for getting a salary, does he apply the same the the GB?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Questions to ask MARK SANDERSON!!!!!!!

    Are you and Geoffrey Jackson twins?

    Are all Memorial wines easy on the palate?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    If Babylon the Great has blood guilt that reaches 'to heaven' that has to paid for, who is responsible for the blood of those who died refusing organ transplants, including the little girl who's experience was praised in the magazines in the 1960's?
  • baker
    found out how many if any greek scholars were on the 2013 translation committee and where did they get their credentials.
  • Satan

    Can Jehovah create an object which he cannot interact with?

    If Noah's flood happened in 2370 BCE how come Egypt was building the pyramid of Giza during that time?

    How did 14 million species fit in Noah's ark? (There are 7 million species of land animals)

    If Adam and Eve were created in 4004 BCE how do you explain the rise of agriculture in 8000 BCE? and the Stone Age paintings of 14000 BCE? Ice Age hunters of 20000 BCE?

  • baker
    good one, how did the Tasmanian Devil and kangaroo get on the ark>?
  • TeenageInsider

    Love it outlaw!

    Stay posted everyone for a full update tonight..

    Keep questions comming.

  • daringhart13

    "What are you doing to go find every, single precious soul that based life decisions on 'old light' and fix it ... so they too can have everlasting life?"

  • sparrowdown

    Are you really Strax?

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