QUICK! Questions to ask MARK SANDERSON!!!!!!!

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  • TeenageInsider
    Someone fill me in on what 'minders' are?
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    For Blondie:

    "Do not go beyond the things written." -- Ted Jaracz; I saw that clip of T.J. at the convention, but I haven't found it yet. It was re: Pat Garza.


  • Magnum
    "minders" - men assigned to guard and watch over him and maybe even prevent access to him - like bodyguards
  • Heaven
    "What, exactly, is the definition of soon?"
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Edited to add: I apologize if, in the above post re: Ted Jaracz, I may wrongly have linked Pat Garza with that incident. That was my initial recollection. I do recall, however, seeing T.J. approached as he began going onstage.

    "[We] do not go beyond the things written," were his words.


  • TeenageInsider

    Thank you for all your submitted questions.

    Keep in mind I am viewed very highly by the borg. So the attack questions couldn't be asked directly. Ex. "Do you know how much you've failed at protecting. Children... etc"

    I did get to ask indirect questions and listen to him off the record. Lots of interesting bits learned. And you'll be suprised at the responses. Pictures to come also! While hanging out in what essentially is the 'green room' behind the stage, [Keep in mind I was an attendant and had access] our boy Mark was seeming visibly stressed and seemed concerned. Not about his two talks but he seemed stressed over finances. He asked for the info on donations at least 5 times. And raised his eyebrows, alarmed when a 2,000$ deficit was projected by accounting reps for the regional assembly.

    He was accompanied by his Father and what seemed to be at least 3 guards, 1 handler and perhaps a few 'undercover' scouters Ensuring no one tries to rush him... etc.

    He sspoke to the crowd of over 800 people twice putting strong emphasis on stripping off the old personality and also made it clear that we should be very open Elders. Shockingly saying in a very candid remark to "just cooperate" almost in a Jeb Bush whiny voice.

    A few quotes from his talk which I fully recorded.

    1st talk Highlight quotes:

    "Right now there is an election going on in the United states. And we see people crowding, they want to get their photograph taken with these politicians- and everyone wants a selfie. Isn't that right? Well you see now the Governing body- we don't want to be like that. We don't want to be viewed like the worldly politicians or celebrities of this world. WE'RE JUST YOUR BROTHERS"

    [It's nice to know they view themselves as equals to celebrities and politicians.]

    On Elders:

    "A simple way we can encourage the elders... i know you seem like a nice group of people. I dont know all of you but you look pretty good. But something that you can all do is- just cooperate, just cooperate with the elders. Ya know It's easy to always have a problem with everything. We go "well, blah yeah ya know I don't like that..." and ya know, you just drive the elders crazy. But instead can we just cooperate? Work with the arrangement."

    Phone is dying. Will continue with question and answer session and post pictures later when I can use my PC.

    I hope you got a nice teaser...

    Stay tuned for photos sound bites and questions....

    And thanks again everyone who submitted.

  • brandnew

    I just love shenanegans !!!! Good work teen !!!!☺

    Mad Puppy

  • goingthruthemotions

    ask him why his ears hang abnormally lower than his eyes....isn't that signs of mental issues.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    RE Ted Jaracz:

    Back to Jaracz...

    I first heard him give a talk at Twickenham (London) back in the seventies . He was a then a commanding speaker and I was well impressed..I only saw on t v after that when the BBC Panorama reporter collared him for an impromptu interview about child abuse. He came over as not at all likeable and cold. -- BluesBrother

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Jesus told his followers to not call their fellow brothers leader because Jesus is their only leader. So is the faithful and discreet slave obeying the spirit of Jesus' direction given that they call themselves the Governing Body?

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