What is your relationship with ALCOHOL?

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    A family gathering(all non-JW's) and my JW son-in-law and my daughter, he mention

    to me later, "hum no booze, amazing". It was a battle with me and my sons after we left

    the Borg. A lot of problems as a result of drinking, they saw dad (me) drinking and it looked as if

    dad was having a lot of fun (suffering from PTSD), but I saw the problem they were having, DUI's.

    I kept hammering into their minds you can have fun without drinking and a better life.

    Today, one stopped drinking completely and the other son only drink on special occasion and

    I hope he have it under control.

  • burnedout

    Alcohol and I are happily divorced...

    As an Elder and previously M.S. Some of my best parts on the meeting were composed and delivered while drunk.

  • LisaRose
    I was a heavy drinker the last few years of my JW life, it was a coping mechanism of a sort I guess. I've cut down gradually over the years, I'm down to maybe 3 to five drinks a week. It feels good to have control and just enjoy it and be able to stop.
  • lurkernomore

    I tend to mostly drink socially.

    I will only drink at home if we have something I like. If there's a good bottle of red wine it generally won't last the night. I also love a drop of single malt or honey jack but I would never drink a whole bottle, maybe a couple doubles a night till its gone. Being German, beer needs to be of good, generally German/Belgian/Dutch/French quality. I can happily go without alcohol for weeks at a time.

    I also find I drink different drinks depending on the time of year. In warmer weather I prefer an ice cold beer/ale or a good sweet cider such as thatchers. Red wine and whisky is definitely more of a winter warmer for me.

  • Vidiot

    nicolau - "What is your relationship with ALCOHOL?"

    The sex is pretty much nonexistent, but nevertheless, we love each other deeply.

  • kaik
    My JW uncle was drunk all the time. It was extremely annoying as he would try to crash at our house so his JW wife would not get pissed. My uncle once came late at night and my dad let him in to sleep on the couch. He became belligerent and attacked my dad and fight ensured where cops were called in. My dad ended in emergency room with stitches and from that point he never let his brother to stay at all. My JW relatives denied that it has nothing to do with alcohol and accused my father that he incited the fight. Nevertheless, my uncle never was welcomed. He tried from time to time to get into our house after heavy drinking, throwing rocks into windows, but my dad never let him in fearing for our safety. Neighbors usually called cops and he was taken away. My uncle than used to go to his mom to sober up, so his family would not know how wasted he was. What I heard he died from a liver cancer.
  • breakfast of champions

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