What is your relationship with ALCOHOL?

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  • nicolaou
    People come to us because alcoholism is a disease, and requires treatment.

    Hi Jeff. I will admit to ignorance here. Could you please help me to understand alcoholism as a 'disease' a little better.

    My daughter has MS and I have to be honest, I get so frustrated by the amount of resources the NHS spends on treating alcohol related accidents and illnesses.

    Am I wrong in believing this is self inflicted?

  • ToesUp
    It's 5pm on Friday. Having a glass of wine. Praise Jah for alcohol!
  • karter

    "A women drove me to drink and i never had a chance to thank her"....W.C.Fields.

    I enjoy a nice wine or 2 i live in New Zealand and we make some excellent wines.


  • GrreatTeacher

    My understanding is that addictions involve the dopamine system in the brain. This is the pleasure / reward chemical. Addicts have a very strong, positive dopamine response to pleasureable stimulii.

    A non-addict produces an average amount of dopamine, the pleasure chemical, to a pleasureable stimulus, such as alcohol.

    Under this model, the addict produces huge amounts of pleasureable dopamine to a stimulus, such as alcohol, and this fuels further pleasure-seeking. Alcohol becomes so rewarding that it can't be refused.

    This is not the only model for addiction.

    This is my layman's understanding.

  • cognac
    Awful relationship. Terrible marriage, drank a lot and it became a bad habit. Exercise in the past helped me quit and is a better coping mechanism. I was scawny as heck, but it made me feel better then alcohol. Problem is, I came to crave it, but not as much as I do exercise, thank god...
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I seldom drink. I've never been drunk.

    Maybe THAT'S why I'm such a bastard.

    I'm thinking of trying auto-trepanation, I've got a Bosch 1/2 hp hammer drill.

  • freddo

    I drink more and eat more when I'm stressed. Since resigning as an elder and being mentally "out" I have drunk and eaten less.

    I've probably only been drunk a couple of times in my life - and once was at home in a drunk myself to sleep kind of way. The other was on holiday when me and a mate shared a bottle of spirits till it was gone one evening. Fell asleep in a chair by a log fire. Both times it was "Southern Comfort" funnily enough!

    But not in the last twenty years or so.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    I'm with FMF,

    A couple beers every night until in my 30, switched to much less beer, and have few wines instead.

    Now it's whiskey straight up, but I limit myself to 1 or 2 small glasses on weekends only. And holidays. And events. And when I deserve it.

    My only coffee habit is espresso (pref. double) after diner.

    Now them cigars look promising, but my still in wife will leave me the minute I buy one....so FMF where do you live? I'll come over for the weekend ;-)

  • Phaedra
    My relationship with alcohol: total honesty.
  • cofty

    I drink below the recommended levels but I enjoy most drinks occasionally. I sometimes have a bottle of beer with an evening meal and I can appreciate a good single malt. I was given a bottle of port at christmas which will probably last me until next year.

    Wine really improves a good meal but we don't buy it often.

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