Toasting is Pagan - How many contradictions can fit in 2 pages, I found 5?

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  • Diogenesister

    You can just picture it can't you - old Freddie Franze poring over his beloved Encyclopedia Brittanica and saying " HERE NATE..guess what it says about toasting ? No not Dr Alimantando, I mean as in cheers..the PAGANS began doing it as a form of libation to the GODS!!!PAGAN PRAYER, NATE!! Tell the boys to hold the front more toasts to retiring Bethelites for 40 years of devoted service!! Hell....whilst were at it we may as well sack 'em too!...yes, Nate I know you love "Best Dressed Chicken in Town" but I mean the OTHER toas...oh never mind (sigh)"

  • talesin
    The idea of God itself is a pre-eminent pagan concept. The primitive folk explanation for the reason of the world's being is that a god made it and us.

    BAZINGA! gotta love that one. A JW would reply "But Israelites descended directly from Adam, and they worshipped Jehovah back then". arrggghhh!

    Puppy, that was a great point. Here's to Jesus! *clink*

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Puppy, that was a great point. Here's to Jesus! *clink* ''

    ME TOO!!! Here's to Jesus!!!! * CLINK*

  • OutsiderLookingIn

    That's interesting, One Eyed Joe. I didn't mean to diminish your experience by any means. Both reactions are definitely possible. As I'm learning, the Watchtower gets you coming and going. They have the true believers (in the GB) and the unsure but guilt ridden follow along. It's such a shame.

  • jwfacts

    Great comments and very varied. It would be good to know if there has been a strategy behind the contradictory stances such as Pinatas.

    The 2007 article is so unusually presented, I would love to know the intentions of the person that wrote it. It seems like a writer that is turning apostate wants to get some people thinking, but that is probably unlikely since the article needs to go through an editing and approval process.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    Interesting..... I was told by a pioneer sister that the clinking of glasses was originally a superstitious belief or practice that was meant to scare away demons (boy, they sure frighten easily!) who would otherwise jump into your open mouth and possess you .....
  • bradford
    I like how there first two references in the encyclopedia have the word "probably" in reference to the origins of the practice. Then, after the first two references they make the connection that it IS a pagan practice. Using that logic you could say whatever you want. Pathetic reasoning. Some GB asshole didn't like the practice and wanted an article written on it pretty much.
  • Vidiot

    jwfacts - "...How many contradictions can fit in 2 pages...?"

    Once again, I don't think we have enough server space. :smirk:

  • stillin

    Not long after this "new light" One of my kids was getting married. As the father of the groom, I hosted the wedding party 's dinner on the evening before the wedding.

    Did the deal, short speech, welcome to all new Inlaws, outlaws, etc. best wishes to the couple and damnit! A toast to their happiness. I had had enough of this religion poking its' head into every corner of my life.

    Witnesses didn't toast so they won't die at Har Meggedon. Everybody else had a good time.

  • Vidiot
    One of my little "wake-up" moments was realizing that if you go back far enough, pretty much everything has "pagan" origins.

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