Toasting is Pagan - How many contradictions can fit in 2 pages, I found 5?

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  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Great thread JWFacts!

    Using their logic, I rejected the JW religion because it has a religious background too.

  • rocketman

    No one, not a single person, outside of Jehovah's Witnesses has ever, in my experience, made any association between paganism and things like Toasting, Wedding Rings, Pinata's, etc. Not birthdays, either, for that matter.

    These connections are simply no longer in play - society as a whole no longer makes such associations.

    Since that is the case, all of them should be OK for the Witnesses. Either that, or all of them should be banned. None of this picking and choosing. It either has pagan roots, or it doesn't. And since practically everything does, and it's impractical to forbid it all, then they should allow it all.

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