Noah's Ark

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  • WireRider

    I know of two alternatives:

    The Sumerian tablets had exactly the same story recorded a few thousand years earlier. It could have been passed down and re-written for the Bible. I think there are at least 5 stories of the same tale from different cultures.

    Historian point out that the area was prone to floods. Noah would have actually gather 2 of each of his heard on a small boat to just keep his livestock alive. Floated just a few miles. It was his occupation - like any homeowner would do to protect his lively hood. Stories from mouth-to-mouth change after 100's of years.

  • smiddy

    Did not Jesus say , " just as it occurred in the days of Noah so it will also be in the days of the Son of man " ?

    So if the account of Noah is crap , what does that say about Jesus statement.?


  • kaik

    Over the 100 years, numerous scientific researches were done on Mt. Ararat without yielding any result of Noah ark. Russians, Germans, Americans, and did various digs and remote sensing techniques on this tiny glacier and there was not evidence of something huge. It is not hard mountain to climb, I know elderly man who did it at his retirement. It is accessible, and not something that cannot be accessed.

    Flood story of OT is nothing more than a myth and a moral story for the age it was written.

  • Syme

    The question, for an Ark believer, is: how on earth did all the marsupial mammals go straight to the Australian continent right after the Flood, and ONLY in Australia? Did god's Spaceship transport them? The same question applies to all the indigenous species of far-away islands.

    When I was researching my doubts, I tried to look up on Insight volumes. I, thought something would have been written. And it was written, alright. That's what I read, in the article about flood or sth, as I recall it:

    "Some raise the objection about how could all those animals from Noah's Ark go to their respective habitats after, some of which were far away in different continents. However, in the past, geologists tell us that continents were linked by "land bridges". The animals could have crossed from there". (italics mine)

    The "land brigdes" that the passage said form gradually over the course of millions of years, but Noah's flood supposedly happened 4,300 years ago. At that time, the geology of the Earth was roughly the same as it is now! That made me realize that the WT deliberately used the phrase "in the past" to tell a half-truth, in other words, to willfully deceive its readers. That realization shattered my faith in the WT borg. They weren't just mistaken, they were deliberate liars.

  • prologos

    kalk: --myth and a moral story for the age it was written. for the age of the kids for which the book full of bible stories was written. When sitting in an jw audience, always remember the speaker,writer believes in talking snakes, asses, All life floating on an ocean, ~ 3 times higher than it is now. wow,

  • jookbeard
    even if the continents were landlocked ( they weren't) it would have still been an incredibly vast distance for the Australian marsupials to get to and from the place of their natural habitat, also the marsupials(the koala bear) survive in a completely unique habitat with a unique diet, they sleep 18 hours a day! if Australia was locked into other continents it would have completely changed the entire eco system of the country in regards to climate,what natural produce is grown there etc. The Great Flood and the Adam and Eve fables get more and more ridiculous the more one delves into them.
  • dozy

    Even when I was a JW the whole story seemed so far fetched to be ludicrous & so many things didn't make sense. I kind of hedged the whole thing in my mind by assuming that it really was just a huge local flood ( such as the creation of the Black Sea that some think is perhaps the source of the legend ) and that eventually the WTBTS would have "new light". Funnily enough my father used to think the same & he told me once that one of the Branch committee in London also believed that to be the case.

    I recall working with an elder on the ministry & we called on a geologist who was one of his route calls. For some reason we got talking about the flood & he totally disintegrated the notion - talking about ice core samples , tree rings etc & lots of other cast iron indisputable evidence that showed that the idea of a totally global flood 4,000 years ago was ridiculous. We just stood there squirming.

  • 2+2=5

    But we know that if Jehovah didn't drown the world like that we never would have got rainbows!

    Drown the bad people, rainbows for everyone..... seems like a sweet deal

  • naja
    ... and the rainbow serves as a sign that Jehovah will never drown the earth again because he has another alternative: F I R E – 2. Peter 3:7
  • ttdtt
    Even as a kid I had a hard time understanding why if god was mad at what, thousands or a few hundred thousand people in the middle east, why he he needed to kill all the bunnies and squirrels on continents on the other side of the world? How then could there be any law in the mosaic set of laws that dealt with animal cruelty? And how is killing trillions of innocent animals fair or needed for what a hand full of people were doing?
    How is that not an over reaction by an evil god?

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