Noah's Ark

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  • _Morpheus
    Yea once i woke up i realized this story was complete crap. All the points being raised drive it home so well. It makes me feel like a fool that i ever was willing to buy if
  • Spectre
    I'm just going to continue knitting my shawl and look over my glasses condescendingly and shake my head at you all not accepting one of gods great miracles.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Yes that is right up there with the ass speaking, now that was a miracle.
  • Wizard of Oz
    Wizard of Oz

    It was TURTLES all the way down.

    Luv'n'thortz WoZ

  • ttdtt

    I love the Ass speaking! I find it so amazing - no one askes - Hmmm - if they guys donkey just started to talk to him, do you think maybe he would have reacted differently than to have a conversation back with it?
    Or did all donkeys talk back then?

    You know you could swap out that story and put Jack and the Beanstalk in - and no one would blink an eye.

  • Darkknight757

    I have the perfect answer. God miraculously recreated the animals in places such as

    South America and Australia. We know how God love to create and destroy.

    Seeing as the almighty loves killin stuff you would think he would have a blast making and destroying the innocent animals in all kinds of fun ways. Earthquakes, fireballs, sword wielding Super Angels... Endless entertainment!!

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I read recently on this site a point that I had never thought about; that the Egyptian empire overlapped the year of the flood.

    The hieroglyphics therefore, are proof in pictures of the diversity of animals on the earth at that time. Without even researching I can name a few different types of snake that appear on the hieroglyphics, the horned viper and cobra.

    According to some literalists, Noah only took one kind of each animal, so if he only took a Cobra for example, to represent the snake world, then how on earth were there various types of snakes, already existing, the instant after Noah left the ark according to the hieroglyphics? Hieroglyphics depict lion hunts and herds of animals like gazelles etc , so it suggests there was always an abundance of animals without interruption.

  • Finkelstein

    You know all of these bible stories would make for a big time movie with all these miraculous happenings.

    .........Oh wait a second

  • prologos

    JM: God miraculously recreated the animals in places such as

    since "jesus" said that the end of the world will be like Noah's day, , in that one's time he was just practising the resurrection as animal research for the major event coming soon, not later than 2075,

  • LisaRose

    There are estimated to be between three and thirty million animal species here on planet earth. How many of those do you think Noah actually got onto the ark? How long would it take him to find them all, figure out how to get them to the ark and find the food they would need? How big would that ark have to be? It's ridiculous isn't it? Of course, every believer has the out that God can perform miracles, but if so, why did he need the ark in the first place? Why not just kill off the bad people and skip the silliness with the ark?

    Do you think that maybe, just maybe, this is just some silly story somebody just made up sitting around the camp fire one day?

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