"You Wouldn't Believe How Many Have Crawled Back To The Meetings"

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  • sparrowdown

    It's the kind of sarcastic concern an abductor would show to their victim who has to crawl back to them because the abductor broke their legs.

  • minimus

    My conversation was at a Chinese restaurant.....

  • Dagney

    I run into an elder from my old hall from time to time. He says the weirdest things to me, always sort of personal dig. I just saw him at a funeral a few weeks ago and I forget how strange they think until you run into one.

    I said "Hi Bob...how are you?" Bob: "not as good as you Dag. Nobody is doing as good as you." Catches me off guard, thinking "ermm...ok...what do I say..." Bob continues: "you running companies and making all this money..." (I'm just working a job I've had for 25 years, nothing special...just a lot of work...not making money like he does, he is rich.) Me changing the subject because I don't know how to answer his creepy statements: " So Bob....you still doing music?" Bob: "Yeah, have to keep my toe in the business."

    JW's just can't relax and communicate like normal people. They have to always dig and judge...

  • Diogenesister

    A Believer Don't believe everything you see on the internet

    Sir82 That's true.I once saw someone on the internet claim that "there is more evidence that Christ was enthroned as king of God's Kingdom in 1914 than there is for gravity and electricity".

    Sir82 Don't forget wind!

  • minimus

    Dagney that sounds like jealousy

  • Vidiot

    "...You wouldn't believe how many have crawled back to the meetings..."

    Sounds like this guy:

  • redvip2000

    Every ounce of silver that is wasted on this stupidity is an ounce of silver that will not be able to buy necessities when the time comes. It is also no longer able to get that new hard drive that is past due to fail, or that Windows 7 or 8 CD so you won't be stuck with that spyware system of Windows 10.

    @WTWizard, i'm fascinated by the minutiae in your posts. I wonder how you were as a witness, and trying to conform...

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