Ex JW's - Which Christian denomination are you with now and why?

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  • coalize

    Evolutionism is a religious world view that is not supported by :

    - science : False

    - Scripture : True, but who cares?

    - popular opinion : True in US, false in europe

    - common sense : True, but the common sense is rarerly (to don't say "never") a good basis of knowledge...

  • coalize
    Hovind is wise like a drunk guy in a party...
  • freemindfade

    I can't even dislike James Brown's comment because it is gold, GOLD!

    Maybe his reference to this total nut job Hovind will wake some people wake up to the kind of mental gymnastics one must go throw to believe this dribble called "Religion"

  • Watchtower-Free

    I've concluded that faith and belief are not virtuous unless solidly backed by fact, evidence and reason .

  • Truthexplorer
    Hi everyone, thanks for all your responses. I haven't managed to read through everything as yet as it is late and back from work. I will have a good read through tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Thanks again TE
  • paradisebeauty

    I joined Biblical Unitarians.

    We believe that God's kingdom will come on earth, that Christ will come on earth and rule with true christians for 1000 years, that all true christians are anointed, that all will get immortality (not in the sense of spirit creatures, the jw's make a mess of that doctine)and actually, Jesus preached 2 things: The Kingdom coming on earth and immortality for the believers and the ones who accept His sacrifice.

    Because we are not many, and are from different countries, we participate to meetings online, we have comunion once a month usually.

    The ones in the US even meet some times a year. I live in Europe, and only have a group in a country next to me, have not been yet to a physical meeting, but will go, plus this year a couple of same faith will move to my country, in a near town, we will be 3 in my country :)

    Also, in summer I will visit a sister who lives in europe, too, but in another country.

    So we all few, but we have online meetings, speak on the phone with some, and some who live close, meet.

    Here is the website where the weekly meetings are livestreamed:


  • Clambake
    Unitarians are another cult.
  • OnTheWayOut
    dubstepped: What I am about is helping people find what they want, what makes them happy. I'm not about trying to make every conversation a battle to prove someone wrong.

    But notice this from the opening post:

    I personally would like to find a genuine faith group where I can feel true Christian liberty as I initially thought I had with the witnesses.

    Our comments are not simply Christian bashing. And our goals shouldn't be to make them happy. The poster wants to know "the truth" and we are helping with our thoughts from our own spiritual journeys. If you simply want to make Truthexplorer happy, then you should appreciate all this wonderful advice.

  • Truthexplorer
    Thanks to everyone's posts...quite a spectrum of thought there lol. Hey I am open minded about peoples views and not offended in anyway. Each person chooses their path as some of you mentioned. At this point in my life I believe in the God of the bible and find my faith a source of comfort to me for very personal reasons. I would just love to worship God without the Watchtower strait jacket. P's thanks to those who pasted some recommended links. Much appreciated. TE
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Churches are made up of a group who generally meet in a building and pay a mortgage or monthly rent. They need a big group so that the per-person amount will be affordable.

    I've visited several churches since leaving the criminal mind–controlling wt cult. All I can think about is the contributions they need. The preaching is all about how God did so much for me and what am I gonna do for him. The lighting and mood music reinforces the cynic in me.

    To me it's all a big money grubbing scam, whatever the name is on the sign. I cannot take it. It's better for me to send a check to a secular charity and help people that way. I really don't know what I believe about God or creation at this point, and it doesn't matter.


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