Ex JW's - Which Christian denomination are you with now and why?

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  • Truthexplorer
    This is a question for Ex JW's who have joined another Christian faith group. The purpose of my question iis to find out which Christian faith group you chose after leaving Watchtower and what convinced you to travel this new spiritual path you are on. I am interested to know because I personally would like to find a genuine faith group where I can feel true Christian liberty as I initially thought I had with the witnesses. Thanks TE
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    After debunking the Watchtower, moving on to debunking other "Christian" exegesis, and finally unravelling the grand fairy tale that is the Bible and every other Holy Book and the misogynistic, rapist, murderous gods they all extol, I am now happy worshipping myself. That's freedom.
  • freemindfade

    Cult of dionysus aka the original Jesus effing Christ but with way more booze and sex!

  • zeb
    Now..lets just start with the sex.. that would be nice.
  • HappyDad

    A few years after leaving WT I attended a First Evangelical Free church. Very non judgemental and I loved it. Then after being invited to an Assembly of God church by a good friend, I fell in love with it. But not for long. Very radical and judgemental like JWism. A lot of crazies there! In between when I got into a relationship with an exJW I met on this forum who is a Christian now, I went to Calvary Chapel with her. Calvary Chapel was really great but none close enough to where I lived in western PA.

    Now that I am living in Florida I have attended a few non denominational churches that are great. No commitment or membership pushed or needed, and that is the way I like it.

    I am a believer in spite of what others want to believe.


  • cofty

    I joined an evangelical Baptist church. In the UK that is probably a bit more relaxed than Baptists in the USA.

    I had made assumptions that there was a creator god, that the bible was inspired and that Jesus died for my sins. I was working on the basis that these things were beyond debate.

    Silly me.

    Having studied things more objectively I left the church after 9 years. I now have a close personal relationship with reality.

    There are some facts about the real world you should sort out first. After that you can decide whether you still have room for religion.

    Does Your Theology Align With Reality?...

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    I'm still absolutely Christian in the sense of "Do to others as you would have them do to you" but it's not a requirement to belong to a secular denomination to do that. I don't understand why people feel they have to go to some meeting or building on a regular basis to remind them that they're supposed to be nice to each other. Just do the right thing! You already know how God want's you to act.
  • Makemeanunbeliever
    I had a strong faith in a creator before becoming a witness at 25. Them, nor this site has changed that over the years. Only made it stronger.

    I still believe in an Intelligence of some kind "out there" but will never again align with anything that smacks of religion/ worship/ doctrines/ dogma / leaderships by men etc etc

    I spend a lot of time in nature - Mountains/Sea and actively pursue Mindfulness in my own way - and my wife and I being musicians, find tremendous solace, fulfillment and reward being involved in and with music -

    Baptized in 1974 and faded totally in 2012 - elder for 15 years

    Have a wonderful circle of friends who are of all sorts of beliefs and faiths -

  • OnTheWayOut

    Please define "true Christian liberty" for this thread.

    Seems like a double oxymoron. "True" doesn't relate to "Christian" as "Christian doesn't relate to "liberty."

    My path was similar to that of The Girl Next door.

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