Ex JW's - Which Christian denomination are you with now and why?

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  • freemindfade
    The God haters are every bit as rabid as those that love them some God,

    Big difference, "God haters" will only attack an idea with facts, "God Lover's" use suicide bombs, guns, undue influence, shunning, terrorism, bigotry usually aimed at individuals (God Loving and Hating alike ironically).

    Bad ideas based on myths deserve to be criticized into extinction. Atheism is not a religion or an idea, simply an acceptance of facts. has nothing to do with WHAT people WANT to believe.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    No you haven't. You have demonstrated many times that you have not got the first clue about evolution.

    Back at you Cofty.

    All you need to do is listen to Kent Hovind an you will be straightened out.

    But not even your God Richard Dawkins will listen or debate him.

    That is the Clincher there Dawkins is afraid of Hovind.

    He will not debate him because his house of cards would come crashing down.

    Any one who wants to be free from Coftys misleading dogma, just you tube Kent Hovind and listen to his series,

    you will never believe in Dawkin's non scientific evolutionism again.

    Just do it and you will be free. You don't have to argue with me about it.

  • cofty

    James why are you not embarrassed to align yourself with somebody like Hovind?

    He is a liar and a fraud. Dawkins won't debate him for the same reason a cosmologist would not debate Mystic Meg.

    Why are you not embarrassed that you lied a few minutes ago by claiming that you used to accept evolution?

    Every living thing evolved from a common ancestor over millions of years. There was no Adam and Eve, no perfection no original sin.

    If you must indulge in religious superstitions at least choose one that doesn't try to force you to deny reality.

  • brandnew
    I FEAR.....NO BEER !! my new belief system.....😈😈
  • James Brown
    James Brown

    People you tube Kent Hovind and watch it. You will see Cofty is full of garbage.

  • coalize
    Kent Hovind? Seriously?
  • freemindfade

    Kent Hovind??? Young earth creationist???


    Although he styles himself "Dr. Kent Hovind" or "Dr. Dino", all Hovind's known degrees are from unaccredited institutions.

    Barbara Forrest, a professor of philosophy, expert on the history of creationism and activist in the creation-evolution controversy, wrote that Hovind's lack of training makes academic discussion impossible and has said that his understanding of historical and scientific research is deficient. Patriot University is a diploma mill. Karen Bartelt, an organic chemistry professor who debated Hovind, examined Hovind's dissertation and found it is short, contains numerous spelling errors, lacks references, shows flawed reasoning, and does not present any original research.

    Hovind presented a version of Young Earth creationism he calls the "Hovind Theory" in lectures and in the book Unmasking the False Religion of Evolution. The Hovind Theory is entirely rejected in the scientific community, and its plausibility has been criticized by other Young Earth creationists.

    In the theory, dinosaurs and humans coexisted and Tyrannosaurus rex was a vegetarian prior to the fall of man. *tears rolling down my face*

    Greg Neyman, an old-Earth creationist who runs the Old Earth Ministries website (renamed from Answers in Creation), writes that Hovind's articles about humans and dinosaurs coexisting are unsupported by evidence and that they "embarrass the young earth creation science community as a whole".

    Oh my god, thank you google... wow you have to be some kind of special genius to embarrass young earth creationists. wow.

    Kent Hovind's biggest part of his Wikipedia page is his legal troubles lol. brilliant stuff, just brilliant!

  • cofty
  • coalize
    People you tube Kent Hovind and watch it. You will see Cofty is full of garbage

    I know Hovind talks...

    You're right on one point, someone is full of garbage... But it isn't cofty...

  • freemindfade

    Hovind is truly wise...

    "Evolutionism is a religious world view that is not supported by science, Scripture, popular opinion, or common sense. The exclusive teaching of this dangerous, mind-altering philosophy in tax supported schools, parks, museums, etc. is a clear violation of the First Amendment."

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