Overlapping Generations

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  • Val2020

    By their official doctrine how long is possibly left in the overlapping new thought?

    some of the first group dies as late as the 1990s, so could the second group be born just before then?

    this would surely mean the current GB members could live the life of luxury without fear of being called out on being wrong until they die.

    leaving the next generation of future GB to face the music that it was all nonsense.

    i believe To t Morris the third has a son who take the emblems and is anointed. Is he called tony Morris the 4th?

    whoever the next GB members are going to be, they will have to come up with a new thought to replace the overlapping generations, but when?

    i suspect they have at least another few decades and by then they hope most will have forgotten

  • eyeuse2badub

    For those of us who now look back on some of the things that the wt taught us to "believe", I'm sure that we just shake our heads and think to ourselves wtf ! That cult had a heavy hand on our thinking!

    just saying!

  • tiki

    Yeah...I remember the rendezvous...how silly was that one. Colporteurs...company servants...congregation servants...servants became overseers....now generations are who knows what...no one seems to get a grasp on that one. Back in the 70's or maybe early 80's there was a WT about the sheepfold...and a fold within a fold...and who was in which pen...it was complete gobbledygook....I recall the study and the egomaniacal arrogant elder conducting valiantly trying to extract sense from it... They do come up with some pretty bizarre things...

  • Val2020

    If you told people today that the overlapping generations will have to updated because we got too far away from 1914 then they will say no way

    but when a new thought comes at the AGM everybody will be excited

  • waton

    wt teaches that "this generation" is an extraordinary one. The one they live in. but

    "jesus" is recorded to have spoken of an ordinary one, one that would not pass away until--, but then die, as all previous ones. But using "jesus's"definition,

    In the present wt version, the "generation"can not be

    a) the anointed, because they will pass away to heaven, and not be

    b) the "Other Sheep", because they will not pass away at all, never die (according to wt since 1918) nor

    c) the generation of 1914, because anyone alive then has long since stopped generating, overlapping.

    learn your abc, watchtower writers

  • fulano

    VAL2020 you should know all this as an ex-bethelite of the UK branch?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    interesting--for me --to read the comments about "rendezvous for service " ( LOL ).

    i have mentioned it before on here--but i dont think anyone else replied.

    i do remember door knocking group meet ups now were to be called the rendezvous--and--yes it was about 1970--just before i left the congregation and relocated to a different part of the UK--where i still am now.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    D. Splane does not teach overlapping generations

    Spot on!

    The WT does not teach "overlapping generations", it teaches "one" generation. One generation that includes people born in the 1890s with some born in the 1960s, so long as those people are of the anointed and their lives overlap while they were anointed. Those of the latter group could live into the 2050s, so they have about thirty years to come up with something else. I doubt I will live long enough to see that, but it will no doubt be something even more absurd, if that is even possible.

  • fulano

    As the i.q. of the average jw is going down by the year I dont see any problems for the genius body.

  • Vidiot

    I still shake my head that they actually had a guy try to explain it on JWTV with a graph and everything.

    WTF happened to the old (non-)method of just quietly retiring wrong shit by simply not mentioning it anymore?

    Were there enough confused rank-and-filers writing in requesting clarification that the GB felt a Splane-ation was required to shut ‘em up, or something?

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