Overlapping Generations

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Perhaps this explains why the GB have a fixation with time and chronology. Also why they keep their adherents in a prison away from the real world. Lol.


  • carla

    The overlapping generation thing is beyond silly! In my conversations with my jw about the issue he maintains that, "yes! generations do overlap!!" with much gusto and excitement of being right! Well, no shit sherlock, if no generation 'overlapped' there would be no people, that isn't even the issue. sigh, just quit banging your head against that wall and it will feel much better.

    Wait for a new edict from the wt and then see what they believe next week.

  • hoser

    End times religions use the same psychological tricks employed by limited time sales. Buy now or you will be sorry.

  • waton

    wt/ D. Splane does not teach overlapping generations. That would be fine. They teach one, the generation. but

    Jesus taught that this generation would not pass, wt/ D Splane teach it will.

  • EverApostate
    34Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have happened

    Jesus meant the generation that was standing before him, when he delivered this supposed speech. And his own words proved that he was wrong and was not the son of god, as it is written

    All other overlapping Explanations are non sense for the gullible.

  • blondie

    I think the WTS tests the rank and file by putting such ideas out there and see what sticks to the wall.

    I remember when they called meetings for field service rendezvous. That lasted about 3 months in 1970. Some less dim bulb realized that non-jw husbands might wonder about his wife going to a "rendezvous."

    an appointment to meet someone in secret, typically one made by lovers.
    "his assignation with an older woman"

    synonyms:rendezvous, date, appointment, meeting, tweetup;
    "he and Jane arranged a secret assignation in town"


    In this day of exciting increases, sometimes the most unlikely prospects can prove to be fruitful. A pioneer’s fleshly sister had stated that the religion of Jehovah’s witnesses was never to be mentioned to her. However, when this unbeliever visited the pioneer for a short stay, the pioneer invited her to accompany her to the service rendezvous one morning to hear the discussion of the day’s text. Surprisingly the invitation was accepted. The pioneer sister is still amazed at the result. A double subscription for the magazines was requested. As the “unbelieving” sister left to travel home she accepted a Truth book and some tracts. Reading the Truth book on the journey home, this now-interested person prayed to Jehovah to help her. Within a few weeks she began attending meetings in her own town and began placing Truth books with others. How thankful the pioneer sister is that Jehovah’s spirit moved her to make that unorthodox invitation to attend the service rendezvous!


    The Memorial will be held Sunday, March 22, after 6 p.m., local standard time. Each congregation may make its own arrangements for the Watchtower study, possibly on the book study night at the rendezvous or on Saturday at the Kingdom Hall. All day Sunday can be devoted to field service, followed by the Memorial after 6 p.m. The circuit servant may give the Memorial talk if the congregation he will be visiting requests it.

  • waton

    "rendez vous" can also be the command issued by a soldier to an opponent to give up, and other "surrenders" related to the "rendering".

    The misgiving of husbands, fathers might be justified with the sexual overtones and biblical warnings about going ons in the apostolic and modern "christian" congregations.

  • stillin

    Hey! A generation is stretchy!

  • fulano

    I never heart that rendez vous in Europe. Everybody knows the context of that word :):):)

  • fulano

    Heard I mean

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