Hello everyone. New here looking for info and friends

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  • Makemeanunbeliever
    People come and go from religions everyday. Nothing new.
  • stephanie61092

    Welcome! I've been here a few weeks now and this is a wonderful board to read. I'm envious of you because I'm actually trying to get back in for familial reasons. However, until then, I'm privately enjoying all the vices that have been kept from me all my life. Holidays are fun!

  • brandnew

    Wuuuuuuz happenin 411....you sound like the groovy kinda people we digg on this site 😂😂😂. Good to see so many people wakin up! Yeeeehaw. Your post was cool readin.


    Mad Puppy

  • Finkelstein

    ....... awwww there's nothing like a good smoke after a good meal.

  • FayeDunaway
    Hi Harvard! Welcome!I would just say, stick to more harmless 'vices' like light drinking, light swearing, occasional weed, disco dancing, cleavage baring (if you want), holiday celebrating, clothing with flags on them, voting, wishing people good luck, crossing your fingers, and toasting people at weddings. But! Stop the smoking. Seriously you need to take care of yourself. The world isn't necessarily ending in your lifetime anymore. Make your life long and healthy.
  • talesin

    * crickets *

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Welcome, Harvard Illiterate 411! I get the feeling you're going to be fun - in a totally appropriate and spiritually uplifting way.

    ...as you've been told, Simon is "Da BOSS" here, and security is handled by Doug and Dinsdale Piranha.

  • TheListener
    Hello HI411. Glad you posted. Look forward to hearing more of your story. Until then I look forward to your input on the threads.
  • Tornintwo

    Hi Harvard and welcome to the rest of your life! I was 22 years baptised before waking up too, it's been a tough year, feeling duped, angry, bitter at lost opportunities, sad at the stress I caused my kids...but now I'm moving on, feel free, unburdened and the f.o.g. Is lifting (fear, obligation, guilt ...learned that one here).

    This board is a great source of comfort, only ex jws understand, and they're a funny lot too. I can't visit so much now coz I'm working my ass off to avoid the financial disaster that 22 yrs a watchtower slave brought me to, but it's a great healer. I'm still a believer, just, and some here will challenge that, but debate and critical analysis is healthy and refreshing after having only prescribed opinions so long. Occasionally we get trolls trying to pull us back in to the 'troof' but it's just amusing, why are they here on an 'apostate' site? Hey do they want us to be miserable and trapped too?

    We're free, we don't look forward to a global massacre of billions of men, women and children anymore, just so that we can pet pandas forever, were part of the human race again and we can contribute meaningfully to life! Enjoy!

  • Gilbeath Haaraloth

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