BLM ambush two police officers sitting car. Then try to storm hospital saying I hope they die. This is the new left.

by mickbobcat 38 Replies latest social current

  • MeanMrMustard

    I watched the video. It looks like a young pre-teen (he looks short). And of course runs away with his pants half way down his ass - true to the current cultural rot.

  • mickbobcat

    True that Mustard. Blacks live in a rotten self imposed culture. They are in a bed of their own making and want to blame whites.

  • Quandary

    The left are a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    These types of statements remind me of the JW teaching that all religions except theirs, are the harlot of Revelation 18.

  • LV101

    As they block ER entrance and a little boy prays his mommy (one of the sheriffs) doesn't die. She deserved it all - after all the entitled left can kill others and walk now. They also deserve redistribution and to be taken care of - as if that hasn't been happening!

    Many have no respect for life or the property of others but just want to tear down anything/everything.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    So let me guess. A bunch of police kill black men on duty... BLM formed. (Which is racist since all lives not not just black lives) then BLM attack police etc and hospital etc...

    The posters first response.. PUT IT ON THE WEB!

    That's how it starts. Why is racism a problem now in 2020 when t two decades ago it was a small scratch... I know why> ^^^^ People reporting racist group activities, thus supporting them inavertantly

  • LV101

    It's politically driven - the desperate Dems have caused this/their agenda and not unique when brainwashing the minions to feel guilty and repentant to usher in their power/socialism. US is already high on the socialism scale and more like the next level - word starting with 'c' and ending in an 'ism'.

    Those despicable whites (slaves now for decades) who work hard, pay all the taxes (or majority of them), enrich the corrupt politicians w/all that monopoly money to scheme with - provide social services to those who hate them yet NOW need to feel selfish and self-centered and share everything else to all -- except those in power at the top of the echelon who really get it all.

  • Diogenesister
    True that Mustard. Blacks live in a rotten self imposed culture.

    whist you borrow from said “rotten culture” ( “True that” is a Jamaican saying, originally. It’s called ‘cultural appropriation’ dontcha know!)

  • Daniel1556

    No, this isn't the new left.

    This is a horrendous crime and a scrupellous murder attempt.

    I hope very much that the 2 police officers survive it.

    End of story

  • minimus

    This is not the end of story. And the left consisting of the press, the entertainment industry, democrat politicians, and most “ higher learning” produces this type of behavior along with the wonderful Black Lives Matter.

  • mickbobcat

    The left and their toadies in the main stream media are fueling the attacks and death. They are legitimizing it not only by only covering only that which pushes their narrative. The are not alluding to the murders having a right but some are out and out saying it. Corporations are bowing in fear of retaliation to the stupidity the left is pushing. But the normal thinking people are pushing back. The NFA and other sports are way down in viewership. Company's are seeing a drop in customers who actively push the murderous Burn Loot Murder agenda. The left who once had some very good ideas, IE Unions when the corporations were thugs but then the Unions turned into thugs, fair working conditions and the like. Now its off the rails and most of or a majority of the country does not like what its seeing. A Socialist/Marxist bunch of AOC Low IQ nuts who want to destroy the nation only to remake it into a hell hole. Many who once would not dare utter such things now openly say it. They see a possibility to do this so are open about it. Lawrence ODonalled said it on MSNBC he was not left wing he was a Socialist. Its an experiment that has been tried and failed.

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