BLM ambush two police officers sitting car. Then try to storm hospital saying I hope they die. This is the new left.

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  • mickbobcat
  • Simon

    The left are a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  • mickbobcat

    The silver lining is they are pushing people in droves to vote Trump.

  • frozen2018

    How many protesters were there?

    Yeah! How many? If it was less than 100 it doesn't count as a protest! Did they light any fires? Did the hospital gift shop get looted? No! It wasn't a protest! Did any protesters go into the hospital cafeteria and start flipping tables and throwing food? It wasn't a protest!

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Laughable how you connect cop murderers with being leftys.

    Yes cop murdering is Democrat approved.

    So whats the next protest movement going to be ....... CLM

  • mickbobcat

    Funny how lefties will say if one person has a MEGA hat and does something its all people supporting Trump. But let fifty leftists burn loot murder and or shoot a cop and its just a one of nothing to see here. LMAO. Funny to watch them twist into pretzels to apologize for their own crazy crap. The same people will say Trump said white supremacists were good people at Charlottesville. They keep editing out the very next part where he said that he was not talking about Neo Nazi or WS but people who did not want to destroy historical markers. They will lie and say he told people to inject bleach. He did not. I am laughing every day the Seattle and Portland burns. In many areas of the midwest USA are now going crazy with people jumping ship out of California and Oregon, Washington, Mass, NY ect. Liberals seem to destroy all they touch. Name me one city that the liberals run that is not a complete crap hole? You can not. LA, NYC, Boston, Detroit, Flint, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle ect are all crap holes and burning. Being a democrat has become a cancer of the mind. It eats away common sense and at the responsibility of the individual. Its just sick and needs to be cut out.

  • minimus

    Anders, are you DISGUSTED by what these people did to the cops and what they did and said about the “pigs” afterward?

  • cyberjesus

    all apostates are mentally diseased... and this thread proves it

  • Simon

    BLM are trash and setting back the plight of black people by 2 decades at least.

  • mickbobcat

    BLM is not a civil rights org they are a front group for a Marxist revolutionary group. You don't have to guess just listen they will tell you .. The good thing is they and other left nut are pushing people to Trump in droves.

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