BLM ambush two police officers sitting car. Then try to storm hospital saying I hope they die. This is the new left.

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  • Simon
    The policies put in place by the people you and I vote for have effect on all of us.
    Thinking otherwise would be silly. It would also be dangerous, as it would give one the idea that the problem is caused exclusively by 'the others'. It would stop them from looking at society as a whole and working together to solve the issues society faces.

    First, there is no problem. The notion that blacks are being hunted in the streets by white supremacist cops is pure nonsense and propaganda.

    There are a handful of deaths a year, the overwhelming majority are justified, some are accidental, some may be poor decisions but explainable and inevitable given the nature and uncertainties of the job.

    There is nothing to "fix" and it would be way more dangerous to to give into the idea that we need to cancel the police by believing the lie.

    So no, I don't buy the idea that somehow I am partly responsible and it isn't entirely the morons themselves to blame, because that is the BS group-guilt that the left want people to buy into.

    You know who's to blame for people dying? Nearly always the people who put themselves in the situations that increase the probability of it and then behave in a way that almost guarantees it.

    I don't lose any sleep over them.

    I do care about the people who are protecting society from them. In this case, two cops shot for no justifiable reason. I hope the person responsible dies in a hail of bullets.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    First, there is no problem

    I'd say cops being murdered in the street and protesters blocking hospitals is a problem. Of course these may be isolated incidents, but I am under the impression quite a few people think it is a problem.

    I also think people being killed by unjustified police violence is a problem, even if such are very few.

    I think the general attitude of some communities towards police are an issue, as may be the attitude of police towards some communities.

    Violent protests and looting sure are a problem.

    Hell, even civilized, peaceful protests are a clear sign that there is some kind of problem.

    It may even be a problem of perception only, where people protest without what you and I would see as proper reasons to protests.

    Maybe even the protests and looting are isolated incidents, blown up by sensationalist media and YouTubers. In that case the media coverage of such events is a problem.

    Whatever the real deal may be, it seems there is some kind of societal issue at play, even if it is just an issue of perception.

    And I don't think such issues go away by blaming one group or another without thinking about society as a whole.

    The choices a society makes have an impact on its (future) issues.

    And everyone in a society has an impact on the choices and culture of a society.

  • mickbobcat

    The end result either forced by an election or liberals having to do what needs to be done is to bring in overwhelming force and start killing people who are looting burning and a threat to peace. Once these idiots learn that they are going to get killed they will stop.

  • Davros

    Racism will never end. There are just too many people profiting from it.

    BLM is now a multi million dollar organization. So called “Diversity” speakers are making a fortune teaching “diversity” to corporations. What about the media? The media absolutely loves to report racism. Not just organizations like CNN, but organizations like Fox News as well. Racism=Ratings, which=profits.

    Nope, racism isn’t going anywhere soon.

  • minimus

    ANDERS, are you DISGUSTED by what this animal did to the cops? You never responded to that question on page 1

  • cofty

    Anders - You know you have offered a nuanced response when you get +4 and -4

    IMO the liberal left are not 'woke' they are sound asleep to the real danger to liberal values. They are going to have to seek common-cause with conservatives if the neo-Marxists are to be defeated. There is an existential danger to liberal democracy.

  • Simon

    Anders, you can't seem to read. No where did I say any of those other things weren't a problem, but there is not a legitimate grievance of blacks being "hunted by white racist cops" as BLM and the media try to make out.

    It's fake news. Propaganda.

    Those things are a problem, but most again are based on fake claims. The majority of the real underlying problem is to to with orchestrated anarchy by people who don't want to abide by any democratic process.

    That is a problem. It's a huge fucking problem. It's a problem almost entirely existing on the left which will inevitably create a response from the right.

    The best thing that could happen in the next election is for the left to suffer a crushing and humiliating defeat and their own side run them out of town. Anything else is going to embolden them and lead to conflict because people won't believe the results.

    Finally, FYI, there are terms and posting rules, I suggest you read them. I don't have unlimited patience for people who whine endlessly.

  • redvip2000
    The best thing that could happen in the next election is for the left to suffer a crushing and humiliating defeat and their own side run them out of town. Anything else is going to embolden them and lead to conflict because people won't believe the results.

    I tend to agree here. It would be a real problem to see the Left reaping any rewards for these antics. It would set a bad precedent, and it would mean they would engage in similar tactics to win an election in the future.

    They must lose across the board and it has to be in a way where the establishment sits down and realizes they need a different alignment. And they really will do that if it affects their ability to win.They are after all, as morally corrupt as anybody else.

  • minimus

    This election will make them either double down on their positions or moderate them. I really don’t see Biden winning and I hear of life long Democrats defecting.

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