BLM ambush two police officers sitting car. Then try to storm hospital saying I hope they die. This is the new left.

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  • millie210

    No, this isn't the new left.

    This is a horrendous crime and a scrupellous murder attempt.

    I hope very much that the 2 police officers survive it.

    End of story

    I appreciate the simplicity of your statement but I have to ask: doesn't the society that produced those very specific killers (officers in uniform) deserve a look?

    What is it saying when someone kills a "uniform"? That is highly different psychology than a spree killer.

    As would be the killing of a woman (blinded by the uniform perhaps?)

  • mickbobcat

    What has produced these murders and criminals is a left wing that has coddled black culture and told them its not their fault. They have created the monster and don't know how to control it. Many on the left think its not out of control and are too stupid to see its been out of control for some time now. If BLM yelling they are going to rape the cops wife's and make them watch and block an emergency room is not enough to push people to Trump I fear the country is headed for war. I also see a lot of retaliation on blacks in the near future. The left is fanning a race war and then thinks like Charlie Manson they can jump in and be the saviors of the very war they are creating. Yes today's left is as deluded as the Manson Family and as culpable for murder.

  • MeanMrMustard

    My guess is that this young man went home proud that he followed through on the precise course of action praised by pretty much every garbage rap song these days. According to everyone he looks up to, he did exactly what he should have done.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Honestly - what is wrong with people?!?! I would have never imagined an America that had this type of behavior encouraged and praised.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The silver lining is they are pushing people in droves to vote Trump.

    Now its off the rails and most of or a majority of the country does not like what its seeing. ~ Mickbobcat

    Mick, I hope you are correct.

    Sadly, the polls don't support your statement.

  • mickbobcat

    The polls did not support it in 16. Just look how its neck and neck all of the sudden. The left wing knows it can not lie like it did about the numbers in March and June. As the election closes in they have to be more honest or be shown to be the liars they are.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Doesn't the society that produced those very specific killers (officers in uniform) deserve a look?

    Of course. And don't forget they aren't part of some insular, separate society. BLM, the right-wing extremists, the left wing extremists, the people with moderate views on all sides, the religious, the non-religious, the protesters, the police, the government, all who vote or don't.....they're all part of the same society.

    They all have an influence on each other.

    The policies put in place by the people you and I vote for have effect on all of us.

    Thinking otherwise would be silly. It would also be dangerous, as it would give one the idea that the problem is caused exclusively by 'the others'. It would stop them from looking at society as a whole and working together to solve the issues society faces.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Mick, I think the Dems are planning on a full turnout of "dead" voters. A real Chicago-style election.

    Conversely, I think Trump is setting the stage to contest the election. This could result in another Bush/Gore decision by the SCOTUS.

    If there is nothing conclusive, the decision could go to the US House of Representatives where EACH STATE would be allowed ONE VOTE for who is to be President. There is a majority of red states, thus a Trump win if it goes to a House vote.

    If no decision is made by Jan 20th, Nancy Pelosi would temporarily assume the Presidency. (Dog help us!)

  • LV101

    Re "dead" voters (lolol) it's very possible and won't be the first time - they've quite a track record for this.

    Everyone needs to check the records for their deceased parents, grandies, great-grandies, aunts/uncles, cousins, dog catcher, etc., etc., - everyone you know. LOL a good friend who is buddies with the present governor reminded me to do this. The cemeteries sell the lists - apparently.

    Expect more of the same - only worse this time if that's possible.

    Also - re/mail in ballots - US postal workers/mail carriers/whatever are 90% on the left! This has all been manipulated/orchestrated for 4 yrs minimum - this new drama beginning with COVID.

  • redvip2000

    I saw a video today of a group of black folks within a short distance of the shooting laughing and acting a celebratory manner. It's sad to see this behavior. The ghettos and the culture of violence is creating true monsters, who lack a heart and lack compassion for fellow humans.

    Hillary Clinton some years ago called them "super predators" also pointing out the complete lack of empathy and humanity of these folks. I suspect growing up in a home with no loving parents, no love in general, no support, no moral barometer, and surrounded by violence is doing quite a number on these people.

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