In Sydney, and ex jw gathering, with an apperance by Angus Stewart!

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  • notsurewheretogo

    This thread is not about Lloyd Evans...there are numerous other threads about him.

    As you may know I'm not a big fan of his "personality" or the way he does things or comes across but that is my opinion based on not knowing him personally but his online presence.

    I may be wrong and whilst I will be vocal in the things I see him do wrong ultimately he is a great activist working towards the good of the exjw community.

    I could write paragraphs on the man and things I disagree on and in the past in threads I would post such stuff but can we not move on and be mature and see past the person that he is and see his work? Why does every thread that involves him have to turn the same way in that we talk about him?

    I admire his work and enjoy fort the most part...I have reservations about him that I see but I won't keep bringing them up, it is unfair to his work.

    He was simply part of this exjw event which I enjoyed watching.

    I do the same with the GB now...see past the idiots in the GB and look at them as a whole and what they produce.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Perhaps this was posted elsewhere and I missed it but...How does one go about finding out in advance about these events. I would so be encouraged to be able to go and listen and chat.

  • nonjwspouse
    fulano9 hours agoWho is Mr Stewart?

    In my personal opinon the most impressive, "iron fist in a velvet glove", knows-his-stuff, perfect timing, lawyer/soliciter (now judge) I've ever seen. His work on the Autstrailian Royal Commission was nothing short of amazing.

  • Listener

    Apparently this was one of the largest ex JW gatherings, if not the largest. I don't know if that can be confirmed.

    I think it was the Cetners that used to arrange large gatherings of ex JWs, Rick Feron would attend, he could probably confirm the sorts of numbers they would get.

    Solzhenitsyn, there is a private Facebook group for Australian and New Zealand ex JWs where it was discussed. It was also mentioned, on occasion, on the ex JW reddit forum.

  • steve2

    Sometimes vestiges of the punishing JW mentality survive our gaining freedom from JW land. I see the fresh pronouncements of the reasons Lloyd Evans is so disliked - and I remind myself to go easy because we come from a background in which you are likely to be pilloried over and over and over for past sins - especially when you fail to convince elders you are totally and genuinely remorseful.

    I argued very much with Lloyd Evans back in the day and saw him as a huge disappointment because of some of the things he did (please read the archives I am not going to rehash them here). Yet, over time, as I looked at the work he was doing as an ex-JW activist and even as I looked back at his attempts to apologize, I realized the old JW-push-for-absolute-proof-of-repentance still had me in its grip.

    I've made my peace with Lloyd - water under the bridge and all that. I wouldn't say I've forgiven him for some of his transgressions but for god's sake, rehashing the past is a tiresome endeavour. I really like him now - I like how much work and effort he puts into his videos and he has become an excellent presenter and interviewer.

    Ultimately, I accept that he will continue to have his detractors (or to use the modern lingo, haters). But that's fine. This is not about uniformity of outlook as it was in JW land. But I would suggest that sometimes the cultic behaviours of the past can still cast their long, shardowy tentacles and we can find ourselves holding onto a view that is 90% reactionary .and only 10% based on the current situation.

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