Hi noobie here.

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    Hi Grags, I seem to be late on this thread and maybe you are gone or maybe, just maybe you are still reading. Well, welcome!

    One of my most favorite subjects in the NT is grace. I truly believe that for a christian everything stems from receiving and giving grace.

    Best of luck in your bible studies. By the way, you should ask your study conductor what they mean by overlapping generations and then have them show you that specific explanation in the bible.

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    If you're interested in more biblical contradictions you can go here. You even have contradictory versions of the Ten Commandments.

    Village Idiot ...

    Yes, I once saw a movie/documentary called, I believe, History of the World Part I.

    It seems that there is evidence that Moses started down the mountain with 3 stone tablets, not just 2. Each one had 5 commandments on it.

    Then apparently when Moses was addressing the crowd, one of the tables fell out of his hand and broke into pieces. So instead of 15 commandments, it was reduced to 10 commandments.

    I will follow up later with more details.

    Rub a Dub

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    Grags a big welcome to you. Good for you for researching ...very commendable! You might enjoy this earlier posting but at the very least click on the link for a new look at the bible ...it is in the first paragraph I believe.



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    I hope Grags didn't leave the building for he may have already been told that Satan will oppose him learning the truth by using family members or propaganda on the Internet or the media. Such persecution would surely be a proof that he is engaging in the path of rightousness...
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    He's unobservant enough to make an excellent JW.
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    Hi Grags, another Brit here, London based, would be nice to see you stick around on here, there are many excellent members here who will be only too pleased to assist and guide you on your journey, the jw's may not seem all they are cracked out to be though.

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