Hi noobie here.

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  • kaik

    Grags, welcome to the JWN. However, this is a site primary for ex-JW community and people who are somewhat connected to Jehovah Witnesses either through family,friends, and other association.

    I really am not interested in anyone's negativity when it comes to our creator.

    This pretty much sum up, why I should bother to explain two different stories depicting Jesus on boat in storm, something that was already explained by Catholic Church 450 years ago.

  • Grags
    I apologise sincerely. I falsely assumed the forum was dedicated purely to Witnesses. I didn't mean to offend and genuinely mean the apology wholeheartedly.
  • kaik

    No worries, apology accepted.

    What I remember from WT world there were indeed two stories of Jesus on boat during the storm. This is not unique to JW, but to mainstream Christian religions for centuries. The moral story from both events is different and have different outcome (Jesus calms the storm, while at the other Jesus walks on water and lets the storm proceed).

  • kairos

    Come back when they don't answer the questions you have about their problem with pedophiles within the organization and the lawsuits forthcoming.

    I'm an "apostate"...

  • azor

    Grags before going to far into your studies with jw's look up jwfacts.com. This particular organization is a captive one. My grandparents became witnesses almost a century ago. I decided to leave a year ago after I almost lost my son because of the jw blood doctrine.

    I now am starting over at 40 having lost all my family and friends because I chose not to enslave my children to this high control group. There shunning policies are similar to the scientologists, and amish. Please do your research before committing yourself.

    The people you are studying with will likely tell you that people here are a bunch of malcontent complainers. Not to listen to what is said here or other non pre-approved sources. Yet ask yourself how much research you put into buying an appliance or choosing a restaurant to eat at. Truth has nothing to fear from the light of criticism/clear thinking. If something is a lie it will not hold up.

  • jhine

    Hello Grags , welcome to the forum.

    I doubt that you offended anyone because from your OP it was obvious that you had stumbled onto this site by accident and did not realise it's true nature .

    Many of the ex JWs , though not all are now atheists , as you may have gathered ! They or their families have been badly treated and hurt by the Watchtower .

    Please stay on here to learn about the other side of the organisation .


    Ps you could try asking why most do not reveal their real names .

    Pps I know that Grags may not come back , but just in case .....

  • cofty
    Many of the ex JWs , though not all are now atheists , as you may have gathered ! They or their families have been badly treated and hurt by the Watchtower . - jhine

    These two facts are unrelated. Personally I stopped believing in the supernatural because of the evidence.

    You have discovered one contradiction in the bible for yourself but there are many more and some of them are very significant.

    Read the whole of Matt 24 & 25 all at once. You will notice that Jesus said he was going to return in kingdom glory in that generation. The idea that there was to be a later fulfillment in a later time was a later development when his prophecy failed.

    The Old Testament condones slavery, infanticide, kidnap and forced marriage. These things are not just permitted they are commanded by the "god of Jesus".

    Please keep an open mind. Once you join the Watchtower asking difficult questions will not be permitted. You have one chance to escape without pain. Don't waste it.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hi Graggs--another UK member here

    always good to greet yet another new member--we get lots every week !

    did you read the home page here ?

  • KateWild

    Grags, welcome and thanks for coming. If you enjoy your study with JWs, that's really nice. There are a lot of loving kind JWs to meet. I was one.

    But as far as having the only one truth about the bible that's a different matter. Watchtower is a cult and it has harmed my family.

    If you want to know my story let me know and I will post my YouTube for you

    Take care Grags

    Kate xx

  • punkofnice

    Hello Grags. I am a UK bloke too.

    As you can see the stories do not match. Am I missing something?

    I hope you find this amusing and telling.


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