Is New Zealand right to ban military style guns?

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  • Simon

    Apparently Mexico has one gun store.

    The lack of gun crime and murders in that country shows that legal controls on firearms are all that matter.

    Right? Sheesh

  • Diogenesister
    Now, suppose someone opens fire on a crowd, and one person in that crowd happens to have a gun. The attacker now gets shot, and that is the end. The original attacker had enough ammunition to kill a few hundred innocent people, but only managed one injury (or even a property damage shot) before being shot. Maybe a few incidents like that would make anyone stupid enough to shoot at a crowd think twice.

    The trouble is that doesnt happen because they pick their targets carefully.... children, people dancing, people praying. Notice they never go anywhere grown adults are ready and likely to put up a fight.

  • Diogenesister
    2 +2 =5 Eradicating feral animals from a helicopter, the semi-auto rifle is the ideal tool because repeated aimed shots are possible and often needed. Any property or business owners who have legitimate needs will have no problem.

    Yes my husbands a kiwi and this is indeed why they are legal. Introduced species, in this case Deers, are enormous problem in NZ and the only way to deal with them is from a helicopter with a semi automatic.

  • 2+2=5

    Most kiwis will have no problem with tighter gun laws. “All good bro” is the typical attitude.

    I have no problem with guns, I appreciate they can give an immense sense of enjoyment. I think balance is needed, Australia is fair enough and NZ will be fair also. Guns is one thing that makes America unique, it seems there is more outrage about tighter gun control in NZ among Americans than kiwis themselves. Gun control in America is unconstitutional and probably impossible to implement anyhow, but NZ will no doubt be behind some change.

    In Australia you can still shoot for fun if you join the appropriate clubs meet licence requirements. Owners of large property generally meet requirements. Like Zeb stated, we’ve had mass shootings recently with legally obtained guns used and also have gang related gun violence throughout Sydney and Melbourne particularly. So obviously gun laws can’t stop the gun deaths, accidental or otherwise.

    It seems deliberately obtuse from pro gun people labeling rifles as not militaristic because they don’t fire full auto. The ergonomic design of the gun, pistol grip and ability to easily fit attachments and change magazines is what makes them militaristic. The semi-auto mode is usually a more effective mode of fire also. The round is small so that it can be carried and loaded in abundance.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The guy that did the terrorist attack was already breaking their gun laws. His guns, by law, were only supposed to have 7 bullets and be unmodified semi-automatic; he had fully-automatic modifications, large capacity magazines on his weapon. It was thus already an offense by a licensed gun owner to own the style of weapon that person used.

    This law however bans pretty much any gun as well as any machine shop in NZ as it bans the components to modify your weapon. So, a block of wood to make a gun stock or a metal ring to make a bayonet ring is effectively illegal.

    It's a very badly written law and allows the government to prosecute anyone with a metal pipe in their house.

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