Breaking news: Islamic Terrorist Attack in Stockholm Sweden involving stolen truck, 3 gunmen on the loose!

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  • Bugbear

    Islam leaders are fully responsible for what they teach. but

    a one that people chose to be infected with.

    Free will? Did I voluntarily become a JW?

  • Simon
    Did I voluntarily become a JW?

    If you joined, then yes. If you were born in then your parents made that choice for you and you were then free to chose otherwise when you grew up.

  • Spoletta

    No, I'm upset that the lives of those killed in London and Stockholm are evidently worth more than those in Syria whose deaths were just as random and senseless, just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I condemn both acts.

  • Simon

    So imagine if someone idiot started criticizing you for condemning the killers of those who died in Syria. Wouldn't you think that person was a grade A jerk?

  • lusitano o tuga
    lusitano o tuga

    islamism respect no nation and they use their force against weak peoples.....most of them are mind controlled!

    islam is the most dngerous religion ever!

  • lusitano o tuga
    lusitano o tuga

    there are good muslims, but they are a minority!

  • Spoletta
    It's useless because I have the facts on my side.

    You're absolutely right, You have all the facts that agree with your position, and you just ignore or deride any facts that don't go along with them. The point is, two sets of facts can exist alongside each other. One set can be about the horrible acts of Terrorist Muslims, and another can be about the wonderful things that some other Muslim does.

    I haven't figured out how to post links, but if you'll Google Mohamed Bzeek Muslim, you'll find out about a Libyan Muslim in the US who has devoted his life to foster parenting terminally ill children. Ten have died in his arms. To paraphrase him,"I am a human being, we are all human beings".

    I acknowledge both the good and bad in the Muslim community. I figure there's enough condemnation in posts like these that I don't feel the need to pile on more. Luckily, I find that there are others in this forum that also see that there are two sides to the Muslim story. To my way of thinking, that's a truer picture of the reality of any group

    Hitler was a monster, but you could make him look like a saint if you only listed the good things he did in his life.

    That's what I object to in OP's like this one. I make decisions based on both sides of the story, you choose to use only one side to confirm your bias.

  • TheWonderofYou

    According to Hirsi Ali, the West is "obsessed" with terror and this makes it blind to the broader threat, dawa, outreach: the ideology behind the terror attacks.

    Terms: dawa, political islam, radical islam

  • biblexaminer

    For the moment, think of me as Quranxaminer....

    See how the Muslims think welll of us.

  • cofty

    Spoletta - you are attacking a strawman. Nobody here thinks that all Muslims are bad. Everyone agrees that there are lots of Muslims who make great neighbours.

    Stop patting yourself on the back for something unremarkable that we all agree on.

    Since you raised Hitler, consider that the threat from the Third Reich was not about one man. Millions of Germans fully bought into the ideology that they were a special race and non-Aryans were worth less than they were.

    Islam is a problem because millions of conservative Muslims believe that non-Muslims are kaffir That makes them very bad guests in our countries.

    Those who reject that worldview are very welcome.

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