Breaking news: Islamic Terrorist Attack in Stockholm Sweden involving stolen truck, 3 gunmen on the loose!

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    So, it's time for #WeAreSweden is it? Those damn lorries and trucks are a nightmare ... so unsafe.

    It is cultural suicide - yes, this is what Sweden is doing, unfortunately.

    Has this suddenly become a Britain First forum? - no, of course not. Nice try but no cigar.

    Here's what's happening: a poster who is ethnic Korean has started a thread about a terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden.

    #WeAreSweden - I'll remember this hash tag. It'll probably be dusted off and reused with some regularity in the future, given Sweden's situation.

  • cofty
    It is not about religion

    For fuck's sake wake up!

  • freemindfade

    Nobody has been more accommodating to Muslims, and still, this happens...

    This new norm is sickening, and anyone saying it's not about religion is part of the problem

  • Landy

    Wanders in.

    Shakes head.

    Wanders back out.

  • Spoletta

    Such selective outrage! Funny that I see no OP's about the civilians being killed with sarin gas, and allied attacks in Mosul that killed hundreds. Oh wait... it was only Muslims dying, no big deal, less people to rape our women and chop our heads off. Can't let those babies grow up to be terrorists.

  • littlerockguy


    Please stay on topic. This thread is about the terrorist attack in Sweden. If you are so concerned about the children gased in Mosu may I suggest you create a thread on that topic.


  • freemindfade

    They may as well just keep the lights on the Eiffel tower off, this is the weekly norm now in Europe

  • Spoletta
    Please stay on topic. This thread is about the terrorist attack in Sweden.

    My mistake, the lack of any empathy for the victims of this attack, and sadness for the tragedy, fooled me into thinking this was just another bash Islam OP.

  • cofty

    There is no light at the end of this tunnel. Mass random killings in the streets of European cities is the new norm.

    Jihadists see it as a religious duty to murder non-Muslims. Hijacking an HGV and driving it into pedestrians is their ticket to paradise. There is no reasonable defense against these attacks.

  • Simon

    Another day, another Muslim psychopath brain-damaged by Islam killing random strangers for no other reason than their pathological religion says it makes them a good follower.

    Spoletta: you are seriously more upset that Islam is criticized than that random people have been killed in a senseless attack? Your perverted Islamophilia is disgusting.

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