How Many People Here Still Believe In “God”?

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  • minimus

    Because of this site I realized that there were many people who were active Jehovah’s Witnesses really didn’t believe in God at all. I’m curious how many people believe in God? I’m not interested in debating why you shouldn’t have a belief in a God or should.

  • OnTheWayOut

    How Many People Here Still Believe In “God”?

    You are not interested in debating, but such a question needs definitions for the following:

  • sparrowdown

    You say you don't want to the debate that inevitably comes with these threads so I'm curious why are you curious?

    I thought we'd been down this road before or am I having deja vu.

  • cofty

    Define 'god'.

  • Phoebe

    I believe in God :)

  • cofty

    What do you mean by 'god' Phoebe?

  • TerryWalstrom

    "Worship is a human being's natural reaction to an encounter with the living God."
    It comes down to a rather simple observation, it would seem.
    In what way do we each "encounter" the living God?
    The definition of "encounter" is that of an UNEXPECTED meeting.
    Like bumping into Elvis.

    If you've never heard of big deal.
    However, if you are a huge fan...a VERY big deal.

    Why the term "living" God?
    Is it because a dead God would do us no good?

    Meeting a hero in sports can be transformative if you follow the athlete's
    career. A sudden face to face with Peyton Manning might give football fans a heart attack and stimulate hero worshipping :)

    All of which is my (customary) long-winded way of answering the question.
    When was I the truest of True Believer?
    The answer is pretty simple: when I was in prison trying to serve Jehovah, my god of choice. I was scared, vulnerable, and in way too deep to help myself. I NEEDED God and the imagined protection a living Jehovah might offer.
    At my worst moment--I cried out for that (promised) assistance.
    The encounter I had was NOT with the living God, but with a rapist.

    So, my answer is this.
    As far as belief in a living Jehovah God, "NO!"

    I HAVE encountered living Godly people who helped me when I needed it most simply because they embodied the qualities God (one might well believe) espoused and commanded.

    THAT living proxy-meeting went a long long way toward leaving me very much OPEN to the "real" thing.

  • Finkelstein

    Maybe you should have posed the question as how many believe in a god(s) defined by yourself ?

    I personally dont believe in anything just from random human imagination particularly sourced from ancient mythology (hearsay).

    I do understand and accept why people do believe in god(s) though.

  • minimus

    Obviously Jehovah’s Witnesses are supposed to believe in God. As I said earlier I recognize that not all witnesses really did believe in God. Since you’ve been here do you believe in God? Pretty simple question… Thanks

  • minimus

    Oh by the way, I do still believe in God.

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