How Many People Here Still Believe In “God”?

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  • Giordano

    The concept of a god varies greatly among believers.

    You can believe in something that's not there but that belief is personal and not very potent.

    For me the WTBTS has defined Jehovah as a back yard god. At their darkest level a backyard dog. A pet. The kind of pet that loves to be taken for a walk, play fetch, enjoys a bone to chew on. It is up to the WTBTS to interpret who it is and what it is.

    On a slightly more sophisticated level Jehovah can help you find your keys if they are lost or a hidden leaking pipe. Really.

    More recently his thoughts, as channeled through the GB, are concerned with you sleeping with a pillow between you legs. Have you ever humped a pillow? Had sexual contact with a pillow in any way shape or form?......that's where the worship of the one true god has led to.

    All things

  • tiki

    The religion has tainted my view of "God". I grapple with it. The concept of an all encompassing intelligence, universal manipulator...a benevolent spirit that wants human life to be fair and for people to have what they need...I want that. I want to have faith...I pray...but I believe we are limited to the physical human condition and it is virtually impossible for the human mind to grasp what a spirit being is...and how the universe truly works... I do believe everything is mathematically aligned perfectly.

  • ToesUp

    Not sure anymore.

  • truth_b_known

    The question "Who still believes in God?" is grammatically incorrect due to it being intellectually dishonest.

    "Who..." - "Of all living humans..." This is grammatically acceptable as well as intellectually honest.

    "Still..." - "After examining all the evidence..." This is grammatically acceptable as well as intellectually honest.

    "Believes..." - "Holds an opinion that is not necessarily based on facts..." This is grammatically acceptable as well as intellectually honest.

    "In..." - A better choice of words would be "the existence or past existence."

    "God" - Here is the biggest problem. "God" is implied to be the YHWY, Jesus, Allah of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic faiths. To accept the existence of one of these 3 you must accept the existence of the gods of all faiths exist. The factual evidence used in an attempt to prove the existence of "God" also proves the existence of all "gods".

    So a the better way to word the questions "Why still believe in God?" would be -

    "Who among all of us, after examining all the evidence, holds an opinion that is not necessarily fact based that there exists or there has been in existence the gods of human religion?"

  • DesirousOfChange

    I thought this video was very eye-opening when I first saw it posted here:

  • minimus

    You folks have answered my question thank you.....

  • Outahere

    When I learned the truth about the truth, I stopped believing. For me those were the first steps in a long journey.

  • cofty
    You folks have answered my question thank you....

    You haven't answered mine. How are you defining 'god'?

  • ttdtt

    No, I don't believe in God, the tooth fair, Thor (though I have at least seen him on TV).

  • minimus

    Cofty, God is the one I pray too when it appears the plane is going down and he might be my only hope. You know exactly what I’m talking about and I’m not playing your game.

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