Michael Jackson in the news again.....

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  • blacksheep

    "Aren't people presumed innocent until they are actually proven to be guilty?"

    Or, until they can completely circumvent the justice process and fork over $24 million to shut the defense up.

  • Tinkerbell4125
    "hey micheal ... pass me the soap"

    what's that sound he does on every song? ... "ooh oooooh" (high pitched)

    LOL...You're hurting me on this thread Simon!!! Too funny!

  • blacksheep

    Oops...I meant to say shut the *plaintiff* up...

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    C'mon Eman! The guy already admitted to the world he sleeps in the bed with young boys, since it's so "sweet.. and charming!" How far of a jump is it to believe that he messes with their pootie-pooters? Not to mention that both wives that he's had have NOT lived in the same house with him, so be obviously isn't on the prowl to bag a babe of the female adult kind! Egads... The guy's definitely not swimming in the same tank as the big boys!

    Okay, maybe he *should* be presumed innocent until found guilty, but gawwwwwl-dang, isn't once enough?! I think it's somewhat ironic that he was working on the video for his latest release "One More Chance" when all this came down.


  • wednesday

    It would take a TEAM of psychiatrists to figure out what is WRONG with this man.

    That pic is pitiful. he must really hate himself to mutilate himself like that.

    One time is more than enough. Where there is smoke ,there is fire. This man is guilty of something. And we would all know what it was if he was not so rich that he can hire "yes men" to surround himself.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    (c) Courtesy BBC News World Edition 11/21/03

    Jackson family backs pop star son

    Michael Jackson's family have given the pop star their support, following his arrest on child abuse charges.

    The singer has returned to Las Vegas after being formally charged on Thursday in Santa Barbara, California, and freed on $3m bail.

    Mr Jackson's family issued a statement after his arrest, describing the allegations against him as a "big lie".

    His brother Jermaine Jackson told CNN: "The whole family supports Michael 100%, one thousand percent."

    The Jackson family statement said: "Michael said, 'Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.' The truth will win this marathon in court."

    The singer was met by fans and press on his return to Las Vegas after his charges were processed in Santa Barbara.

    Mr Jackson drove from the airport to his hotel, and shook hands with fans while his vehicle was stuck in traffic.


    Mr Jackson's motorcade drove a haphazard, two-hour route to the hotel where he is staying while shooting a TV special.

    Some 40 fans had gathered outside the Green Valley Ranch hotel and casino in Henderson to welcome the star, with some carrying placards saying "100% innocent".

    He is due to appear in court on 9 January.

    The singer's brother, Jermaine, told the US news network CNN that the charges were "nothing but a modern-day lynching".

    "This is what they want to see - him in handcuffs. You got it. But it won't be for long, I promise you," he said.

    Mr Jackson's mother, Catherine, was quoted by German magazine Bunte as saying: "I wonder whether somebody could have set a trap for him and hidden false evidence in his house."

    She also reportedly hinted there could be a racist motive behind the charge, adding, there were two interpretations of the law in the United States - "one for whites and one for blacks".

    Mr Jackson's lawyer, Mark Geragos, dismissed the charges and said Mr Jackson looked forward to appearing in court.


    "He has come back specifically to confront these charges head on. He is greatly outraged by the bringing of the charges. He considers this to be a big lie," Mr Geragos said.

    Mr Jackson could face up to eight years in prison per count of abuse.

    A former friend, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, told US broadcaster Fox News on Friday that the singer was being demonised.

    "The American public has to remember: that even if Michael Jackson perpetrated this terrible crime... it does not mean this washes away all the good things he has done."

    "We have made Michael Jackson into Satan. He has become Saddam Hussein. And that's not fair."

    The rabbi admitted that he was no longer a friend of the singer but stressed it had nothing to do with the recent charges.

    "Michael has an important message: it's cool to be a kid.

    "What's so sad is that the whole message has now been made sick.

    "He has to stand up to very serious charges but I am very concerned that people are demonising him as a father."

    Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson said he had "grave concerns" over the way the case was being handled.

    He said the search swoop on Mr Jackson's Neverland ranch by up to 70 officers was "overkill".

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    The story I hear is the boy the he allegedly molested was not only 12 years old but is a cancer survivor!! It is going to be a tough defense for Michael.

    It shows where the news networks brains are yesterday when 27 people had lost their lives in a bomb attack and CNN lead story is the Michael Jackson one.


  • Nosferatu
    The story I hear is the boy the he allegedly molested was not only 12 years old but is a cancer survivor!! It is going to be a tough defense for Michael.

    This is very interesting. Michael could've hoped the victim would die with the secrets.

  • Gozz
    Where there is smoke ,there is fire.

    Not necessarily.

    This man is guilty of something


  • unclebruce

    Whoah there!

    Aren't people presumed innocent until they are actually proven to be guilty?


    You are so right English!

    Guilty people should always be presumed innocent until a bloke in a red gown and horsehair wig says otherwise! and that's final!

    Personally though, I'm behind Simon all the way on this slippery subject.


    ps: anyway .. never mind bro.Jackson's innocent arse, what would government soap do to his complexion? (mmm .. 'bout time ya got some negro smilies on this thing bro. Simon)

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