Michael Jackson in the news again.....

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    Get the bastard....................he is sick and needs to be kept away from all children, including his own!

    What I don't get is how the family that sued him for all those millions could take the money and run rather than have him charged and taken to court, exposing him and protecting other kids. When my kid was abused I did everything possible to protect other kids, god, I even got df'ed. And I felt more at peace doing that than if I'ld shut up for fear of the elders.

    Anyhow, whatever happened to him in the past doesn't validate his actions now. They say most abusers were victims themselves! Well explain why so many victims are women yet the larger portion of abusers are males??????????? I was sexually abused yet I'm not an abuser! I know sooooooooo many females that were abused and non have been abusers themselves. It's all an excuse.

    Michael Jackson is a pervert who just happened to have money and fame to use to his advantage. He has bought time but as they say..........'if you give someone enough rope they'll hang themselves.' And I think this time he's done it. About time too.

    I hope those kids will be able to get over whatever that animal did to them.

    I hate pedophiles.


  • jws

    I'll bet he wishes he were still a JW now so that he can get away with it...

    Maybe now he will be forced to confront the fact that he has a problem. Actually, several of them. Up until now he has been able to run away and hide from every criticism by using his money. It's allowed him to never face the fact that he acts like a freak. Yeah, yeah, no childhood and never grew up. Well, living in fairy-tale land isn't helping him grow up either. Now he'll finally be forced to deal with the rest of the world and how it works.

  • simplesally

    I am with Will. A forty-plus year old man does not sleep in the same bed with other people's children!!! And the parents' pictures should be available for all to see on some show call Stupid Things People Do. Maybe a reenactment show featuring the stupidity of these idiot parents who are mesmerized by MJ's fame.

  • Simon

    Great quote on the news:

    "This is surely the blackest day in Michael Jackson's life" (trying to sound dramatic)

    No way!! I remember when he actually was black

    (ok, I know they didn't mean that but it made me laugh)

  • MegaDude
  • Simon

    That in itself would give most kids nighmares !

    He looks like a scary version of Ronald McDonald (who again, probably scared kids)

  • Badger

    ...They Listed his race as Black?

  • Gadget
    ...They Listed his race as Black?

    I heard the police were looking for a white woman wearing a surgical mask and one glove.

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    I've just heard that American TV have shown footage of a secret room discovered in Jacko's house. The door to this room was at the back of a cupboard, and has a spiral staircase going up to a bedroom.

    Has anyone seen this?

    I can't believe anyone would let their kids stay there.

  • Englishman

    Whoah there!

    Aren't people presumed innocent until they are actually proven to be guilty?


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