Michael Jackson in the news again.....

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  • DebraDoll

    So sad..........arrest warrants were just executed against him for multiple counts of child molestation. As a mom I am deeply appalled, as an ex witness I am saddened at his lack of power over his own life and ability to move forward, beyond the scarring of an abusive upbringing.

  • Simon

    I'm saddened that some parents would allow him anywhere near their kids !! Everyone knows he did it last time ... you don't pay out $20million when you are innocent

    Maybe they should be charged ... shouldn't there be a charge of "knowingly letting your kids sleep at the freaky rich guys house in the hope of getting a big payoff" ?

    It's good to know that fame and money (well, what he has left now his career is over) doesn't put you above the law.

  • Rick Aust
    Rick Aust

    I don't beleive he was abused, He went nuts after the 'Thriller' Album. I think the money and power got to him, no one else in his family agreed with him. With those claims he was just looking for sympthy and pity.

    regards rick

  • morty

    Tisk,Tisk, Tisk, Shame on you MJ.....I have always tryed to give the benifit of the doubt, but I think he as gone way to far now...I believe what he gets now is what he deserves...And I certainly dont think he should be able to buy his way out of this one.....

  • MegaDude

    He'll buy his way out of this one too if he can afford it. Someone like him will pay anything they can to stay out of prison.

    How could he have been so stupid to set himself up for a real or fake lawsuit after forking out 20 million already?

  • frankiespeakin

    I'm glad they finally caught him. I happy to for his adopted children, I hate to think about what type of father he was to those kids.

    I wish the best for his children, and hope they get a good home, which judgeing from all the publicity this will bring, they probably will.

  • sandy

    I really think he is guilty and I also believe he was abused as a child. Not that it excuses his actions. If he is guilty he should be punished by jail and fines.

    They should lock him up and throw away the key forever.

  • DebraDoll

    Simon-You are so very right! "Maybe they should be charged ... shouldn't there be a charge of "knowingly letting your kids sleep at the freaky rich guys house in the hope of getting a big payoff" ?" This was a direct act of parental neglect, knowingly putting your child "at risk." The entire world was put on notice with the former allegations! Whether we believe that he was a victim of a cult abuse or not, the fact remains that he is a very sick man now, and for that I am sorry for him. Such mental darkness only perpetrates constant despair for the one suffering, which is relieved by no amount of money or possessions, as is evident by his constant bizarre behavior. His background of course is no excuse not to live a good and positive life now, as I advocate for all of us who are now in control of our adult lives, but the fact remains that he cannot, and is not in control. My sympathy by no means is a statement of condoning his loathsome actions.

  • Simon

    He should be put in prison where he can be 'befriended' by a 400lb guy called bubba.

    "hey micheal ... pass me the soap"

    what's that sound he does on every song? ... "ooh oooooh" (high pitched)

  • calamityjane

    LMAO Simon.

    Yeah Michael don't bend over to pick up the soap.

    In my opinion he's a nut bar.

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