My cat died suddenly!

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  • Fisherman

    I did not realize that they were symptoms that something was wrong with my cat -but I did notice that my cat was breathing a little differently for a period of about a few days. I also noticed prior and after to that, that on occasion, my cat would cry at the litter box, but that was a very seldom event.

    Anyway, about a week ago I noticed the symptom that my very loved cat was breathing heavy. So I called a taxi and I was going to rush him to emergency room for cats. But all of a sudden, my cat began to complain then vomit and ran into a hiding place, so I figured that he got poisoned some how and I gave him a dosage of activated charcoal with some h2o just in case and then I ran with him to wait for the taxi out side. When the taxi finally came, my cat was lying down on the cat transporter vomiting, there as so much traffic blocking the taxi and the roads to the hospital. Foam and vomit came out from my cats nose and mouth and he died in the taxi. When I arrived at the hospital with my dead cat it was closed.

    It was so painful even to think about loosing my friend who gave me so much affection and attention and joy and laughter and good times together that I could not and cannot even entertain a thought about him. My hairless cat who opened doors,competed with me for the bathtub and the bed is gone forever. Such an emptiness in my heart.

    What happened? Anyone knows why my wonderful cat died like that?

  • sparky1

    I am so very sorry for your loss. My pet of choice has always been a cat. After you mourn your beloved companion, perhaps you can take Ruth Gordon's advice to Harold in the movie HAROLD and MAUDE: "Go and love some more." Lots of kitties out there that need a good home and someone to love!

  • Fisherman

    Thanks spark for understanding.

  • compound complex
    compound complex
    (((((Fisherman and Kitty)))))
  • Finkelstein

    Sorry Fisher,, loosing a pet hurts, been there a few times.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Cats are such lovely creatures. They are friendly but stately unlike dogs that are friendly and dopey.
  • Perry

    Sorry for your loss. I know how it can feel. I love animals & pets too.

  • atomant
    i lost my pet rabbit a few weeks ago very sad.l bought the rabbit about 2 months ago she was 12 months old mini lop and l didnt know she was pregnant she wasnt well had a bad cough took her to vet for course of antibiotics didnt help vet didnt notice she was pregnant,l was out riding my bike my wife called me in of street and said rabbit had just dropped a baby bunny on her play bed.l was in shock.So picked her up took her into her cage where she desperatly ran around making a nest from hay in the mean time she was still giving birth so l helped her make a nest.Then for no apparent reason she lurched ,jumped at high speed directly into water bottle.l immediatly picked her up took her back to play bed and noticed her head tilted on an angle.Put her down and she jumped out of bed onto wooden floor and dropped dead.l was left heart broken.
  • millie210

    Dear Fisherman,

    So deeply sorry for you. Your feelings of loss are compounded by the stressful events that surrounded the death. I really feel for you as I have experienced a similar thing.

    It can be such a sharp unrelenting pain that it even hurts to breathe.

    Here is a quote that someone shared with me - I hope it gives you some small measure of comfort.

    Let not your grief be equal to his worth, because then your sorrow would have no end.

    Macbeth Act 5
  • ToesUp
    So sad Fisherman. Your pets become part of your family. So sorry for your loss.

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