The Elders are Coming Help!

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  • TheOldHippie

    Funny thread.

    Perhaps they are nice, caring persons just wanting to drop by and say hello and see if they can be of any help or support - and here "half USA" is online trying to scare the shit out of each other 'cause some man eating monsters are coming.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    I second Stan too. Ask for money. That puts people on the run better than anything else.
  • blondie

    OH, not caring....the timing is always interesting 1) dropping by unannounced without calling first to see if it is convenient for you (no other contact yet) 2) conversation starts with accusing you or family member of doing something wrong based on a report of some unnamed person 3) if you share a challenge in your life, it becomes your fault, not attending meetings, not going d2d, etc., all without listening to what you have said.

    2 elders called unannounced on an older sister with a non-jw husband. She had missed meetings for 6 weeks. No one thought to call and see how she was doing. The husband came to the door and looked at them with disgust; she had died 3 weeks before, a funeral had been held and the obit had been posted in the paper. The husband had been busy taking his wife to the doctor and hospital.and then the funeral arrangements. The elders excuse, they never read the newspaper....which was a lie...they read it everyday to keep up on sports but never turned to the obit page.

    The elder who told me this was one of those elders and was embarrassed to some degree, but that did not stop him from just dropping by unannounced.

    Dropping by like that is not only not showing love, it is showing that they don't care about the person and are just covering their rear end, CO visit usually.

  • pbrow

    Hide. Keep your window curtains drawn. If they come up to your house, go inside. Give them a last minute excuse that you cant make it. Dont every put up christmas lights or halloween decorations. Cross to the other side of the street when you see them coming. Dont make eye contact at the grocery store.

    Basically live in fear and waste time in the only life that you are absolutely sure you have.

    That is not living. That is cowering. Stop being a bitch and get the fuck on with your life!!

    I say that as someone who tried to fade for a few months and finally realized what I was doing to myself. I wish someone had been this blunt with me.



  • Finkelstein

    Do any ex elders know what that even means??

    WTS elders are designed to gather up as many adherents to the organization as possible, numbers and the accounting of those numbers if very important to this organization, more so that actually telling the truth in reality.

    Basically they are trained to lie to create a fictitious truth that people will be self allured to, not only for the WTS. but of themselves as more people will be under their engaging power and control.

    Unfortunately millions of people's lives were wasted, thousands died and millions of families were broken apart.

    All instigated by men wanting and creating their own appealing virtuous power source.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    If having to do yard work, do it likely during meeting times. Keep your curtains drawn and stereos, TV's down during Saturday mornings especially after 10:30-1200 times.

    If in the food court at a shopping mall and you see a school of JW's, just avoid all eye contact at all possible and just get up and walk the other direction. If you're in a food court and eating, having coffee just keep looking to your left or right watching for JW's out in service.( easy to tell by the slow lack luster walk and the flashy showy clothes)

    Also go about your day incognito. Wear a baseball cap or something and sunglasses helps.

  • Finkelstein

    How about doing something completely painless like you would to any other religious sect that came knocking at your door .

    Smile and say " No Thank You "

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