If JW is not the truth, then what is the true religion?

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  • TxNVSue2023

    Even though I'm disfellowshiped ( & I belive wrongfully so). I still belive this is the truth. I have been d'f for about 8 months now and working on reinstatement.

    A few reasons why I believe

    The world is getting more and more wicked (evidence of the last days)

    No other religion that I have seen has the fruits of truth

    I can see & agree with 95% of the doctrine. The 5% I don't agree with I chalk up to imperfection

    Anyway so if you belive JW is NOT the truth, then what religion do you belive is?


    When I first work up nearly 5 years ago I asked myself the exact same question. I watched a video by jt and lady cee (https://youtu.be/2kxDCiKaSoM ) and it really helped me to slow down and think about what I really believed.

    Research and learning to think about things for myself were key to working out which way was best for me. Take your time and breathe, it truly does help.

    It might be worth asking yourself whether times are really getting worse? What about the black plague in the 1300’s ? If you google “when was the worst time to live on earth” you will find some amazing information that might change your view about the times we live in now 🤷‍♀️

    I hope this video helps you to find your way as it did with me xx

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    ive never heard of a religion claiming to be false.

  • aqwsed12345

    I believe in the one holy catholic and apostolic Church, you may read THIS, and my commets in THIS topic. And THIS is also a good book to read.

  • Longlivetherenegades

    Please read carefully.......TxNVSue2023

    When persons are in great danger from a source that they do not suspect or are being misled by those they consider their friends, is it an unkindness to warn them? They may prefer not to believe the warning. They may even resent it. But does that free one from the moral responsibility to give that warning? -- The Watchtower January 15,1974

    The JW or Watchtower is not the truth. Read the extract from Ray Franz words in his book In search of Christian freedom pg 712 the first paragraph there

    "In summary, then, even as I am convinced that the one true religion is christianity itself, not some religious system claiming to represent and exemplify it, I also believe that the truth is found in the Scriptures, not in any particular set of interpretations that men have developed or may yet develop. That truth is not only in the words themselves but also in the revelation they bring to us of God and of his Son. We will almost inevitably differ in our understanding on some points but, if governed by God’s spirit, should have no great difficulty in agreeing on those teachings clearly and plainly stated."

    What you call truth so far are what I call the indoctrination of watchtower. Had you read the bible outside of watchtower's interpretation you will see that the Watchtower kept shooting itself in the foot by saying they are the one true religion and the truth. Why?

    1. Jesus said.... he is the way, the truth and the life. Watchtower too say they are the way the truth and the life. You cannot serve two masters. One of the master here(watchtower/guardians of our doctrines) are error prone, make mistakes in doctrines and organisation direction and are false prophets up till date. The Jesus you know is not like that.

    2. Who are those doing God's will today? Watchtower wants you to believe that Jehovah’s witnesses are the only ones doing God's will today but you know your Bible tells you that...... For whoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven, that one is my brother and sister and mother.”. The Jehovah’s witnesses taught you that you that Jesus has only 144000 brothers all others are friends.

    3. Jehovah’s witnesses taught you have to be a member of their religious organization to have everlasting life. That is not what your Bible says. It states.... For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who recognizes the Son and exercises faith in him should have everlasting life, and I will resurrect him on the last day.”

    4. Jehovah’s witnesses indoctrinate and manipulate you into thinking Matthew 7:13-14, talks about religions and that the narrow road or way leading to everlasting life is the Watchtower organization. Your Bible and Jesus taught you that there are two ways broad and narrow and your same Jesus says he is the way to the truth and life.

    5. James 1:27 states The form of worship or religion that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world.

    No where in the scripture above states that worship or religion is the Watchtower organization or the Jehovah’s witnesses. The Watchtower organization cannot keep itself without spot from the world based on its numerous organisation policies and procedures that keeps abusing children, leading members to commit suicide and policies that goes against God's ministers as found in Romans 13. They went ahead to publish the book pure worship restored at last but you know the pure worship they restored has nothing to do with James 1:27.

    It will be of interest for me to know the duration between your Bible study programme with the Jehovah’s witnesses and baptism and how long have you been a baptized member. Finally, nothing the Jehovah’s witnesses propagate as truth and as been the only true religion here they did not obtain from somewhere else. All what they teach as truth today exist long before the religious organization you know as Jehovah’s witnesses came into existence even the name Jehovah did not originate with this religious organization. The reason a notable ex-member called it a grand fraud.

  • BoogerMan

    @ Sue2023 - I have sent you a P.M.

    Please critically examine whatever is offered to you by anyone. Only then make a choice.

    If you have to be intimidated/forced/threatened to believe something, is that true Christianity in action?

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    It’s quite possible that JWs are closest to the truth, but still get a lot wrong. But perhaps not as much wrong as everyone else?

  • Magnum

    You assume there is a true religion. In order for your question to be valid, you must first prove there is a true religion.

    You state that one of the reasons you believe JWs have the truth is that "the world is getting more and more wicked." How do you know that? Please prove it. What are your reasons/statistics/etc.? Yeah, for example, crime is getting worse in California and retailers are closing stores because of rampant theft, but it's not because the people are becoming more wicked; it's because the law isn't being enforced. Human nature has been the same for millenia.

    You state that no other religion that you've seen has the fruits of truth. So, you're saying you see the fruits of truth in JWdom? I see that most JWs cheat on their field service reports. I see a religion that claims that the whole world is about to be violently destroyed, yet does almost nothing to give fair warning. Do you really think that the almost non-existent, faint, unclear, puny, cowardly, inefficient preaching work of JWs provides a sufficient warning to an entire world about to be destroyed? I see a religion based on deception... one that runs from fact and truth... one that claims to love light but that wants to operate in the dark so it won't be exposed. I see a religion that has a history over 100 years long of major failed predictions, deception, corruption, looney teachings and writings, etc.

  • Vidiot

    Why would there need to be one?

  • Bartolomeo

    The 5% I don't agree with I chalk up to imperfection

    "imperfection" is a term that does not exist in the Scriptures, a human invention probably of Adventist origin and subsequently adopted by WT too. The scriptures speak of 'sin' and 'righteousness'

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