I found a list my Wife is makingof subjects i have told her about the BORG.

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  • goingthruthemotions

    So me and my wife have not been on speaking terms for about 5 weeks, and when we do

    Talk…it is arguing about the jw cult and more of a barrage from me telling here all the stuff I have learned. i know i shouldn't do this....but, i get so freaking P.O ed aobut what this cult has done to my family. and why? because i choose not to believe what taught my men

    Please understand normally, by this time I will work hard at getting past this and get back to a normal life. The problem with this is

    …it’s always me making the effort. She never tries, I guess I am waiting and hoping she will fight for her family and marriage

    I doubt it though, the cult control is too deep.

    Anyways, I was snooping in my wife tablet, just wanted to see what she was looking at. I came across some notes that were written on the

    10-13-16 in the notes section. Below are the items she had written down, as i mentioned these are items i have brought up to her.

    • Ink horn doctrine change

    • Baserean to change soon? not sure what she meant by this.

    • beth Sarim
    • No where in the bible does it mention overlapping generation

    • JW publication propaganda, mans thoughts

    • Should only read the bible not publications or JW bible

    • Ausralian world commission investigation, why don’t JW’s know about it.

    • Must partake of emblems according to John 6-7

    • JW’s not Christians

    • JW’s teach that Christ only savior for 144,00 not all (based on worldwide security under the prince of peace bk0

    • If JW’s are guided by Jah’s Holy spirit why so many changes ( I never told her this, not sure this came from)

    • Jw instill FOG ( fear, obligation, guilt)

    • Was never baptized in the name of the father , son and Holy spirit

    • JW organization is a 503c

    Now keep in mind, these are all the thing I have brought up to her. So what I am thinking is she is gathering data to use against me for a separation or divorce.

    Maybe something she could show the Kangaroo court. Or she is making a list so she could do research, but has long as we been together, she has never showed

    An aptitiude to make a list and do research. So my question is, why do you all thinks the list is for.

    I don’t know, but what I do know is this….this cult has really destroyed my family and marriage.


  • Chook


    this is where you need to be very careful on a couple of grounds, if you still want the marriage to work and you don't want to spook her toward the elders , if she has no plans to go, but you need to know her motives so as to prepare. The emotional wreckage this church instills in people is beyond belief, these real life stories of broken hearts is just wrenching . Try take the best from all the good suggestions that come your way.

  • goingthruthemotions

    Thanks Chook, i have resolved to just keep my mouth shut. i cant tell her anything i have not already told her.

    she will never wakeup. she believes water is thicker than blood.

    i hate this cult

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    I would be afraid of such a list too. This doesn't seem to be the list of someone who intends to do research for herself.

    I am also in a situation where I brought up some troubling subjects to my wife and she seems to be writing her thoughs on paper too. However see writes at least the Bible verses down that help her to cope with my "serious doubts".

  • Faded

    Is there a chance this is a list of "proof" she is going to take to the elders to out you as an apostate? That's what my guess is.

  • berrygerry

    Is there a chance this is a list of "proof" she is going to take to the elders to out you as an apostate? That's what my guess is.

    This is precisely what is going on.

    You need to do an immediate 180° and uber-Dub it for the next month.

    Then read this:


  • Diogenesister

    Gointhru are you disfellowshiped? If not it is a worry. But here's the thing. You sound like me so this advice comes from someone who completely understands. Have you tried sitting down, maybe after a special dinner ( I know that might be hard if things have got beyond that point but try) and really pouring your heart out. No raised voice, no arguing, no Borg talk, just " I am scared for our family, marriage whatever...if I'm bird food can't you give me this small few years? No one in the hall is going to care for you in old age, sickness and health etc and get the truth out of her. On her word as someone who should not lie much less to her mate. The Borg use emotional manipulation. You use your emotions ( only it's not manipulation Its how you really feel as a human and a husband, You are actually frightened. Tell her many folks do this by stealth but you can't help but let how you think and feel come out.

    My instinct is this list is both. For her own research and possibly a list to show elders...she's confused. She's being torn. I'm sorry for her, I'm sorry for you. And it makes me mad too. But she is listening too you, deep down there is that little voice that says this man has not done me wrong before, he was a witness....he wouldn't be a fool and throw it in for nothing. She knows there's something wrong.

  • zeb

    baserean? might be bereans. The bereans were early Christians who were very diligent inn their study and way they lived.

    Australian Royal Commission; why the jw don't know about it? If you are in the US then the average jw would not have heard of Australia let alone the Royal Commission. If knowledge of this has come up the elders would have informed the cong not to be viewing it as they have done on previous exposures.

    One of the gb on jw.org stated that the complaints' to the ARC (though not by name) were 'apostate lies'.


    peace unto you.

  • jwfacts

    She has a good list. Ask her why none of the information matters to her.

  • nicolaou
    You need to do an immediate 180° and uber-Dub it for the next month.

    Terrible advice.

    Be true to yourself, do you really think your wife would respect you for faking it? Could you respect yourself?

    Give her space and time. Put everything JW on the back burner and look after the woman you fell in love with.

    Remind her of THAT.

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