Ex-Jehovah's Witness elder jailed for sex assaults on schoolgirl

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    This is becoming more common. This is from the last part of the article:

    "This was about sexual gratification and you are a hypocrite because you became an elder and you investigated a sexual matter even with this in your sexual background."


    A FORMER Jehovah's Witness elder has been jailed after he indecently assaulted a schoolgirl on three occasions nearly 40 years ago.

    Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard how John Winkle performed an indecent act on the child and kissed her.

    The victim reported the assaults in 2013 and the defendant went on to admit two charges of indecent assault.

    The 58-year-old denied a third allegation of indecent assault, but was convicted after a trial last month.

    Now Winkle has been jailed for four years at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

    Peter McCartney, representing Winkle, said he has carried a 'burden of guilt' since committing the offences when aged between 19 and 21.

    Mr McCartney said: "He recognised what he did to the victim was wrong and he has carried it with him for all these decades.

    "He is of previous good character and has been happily married for 30 years."

    Mr McCartney added that Winkle has now been 'disfellowshipped', which means he is no longer considered to be part of the Jehovah's Witness congregation.

    He said: "His admission of the counts he did admit has caused him to be extremely isolated.

    "The religion he has followed for all these decades has cast him out. He must arrive after it starts and leave before it finishes and he is not allowed to speak to any of those that are there."

    Winkle, of Birkholme Drive, Meir Heath, has been placed on the sex offenders' register indefinitely and barred from a range of activities involving children and vulnerable adults. He was also made the subject of a restraining order, preventing him having any contact with his victim for five years.

    Judge Paul Glenn said: "The issue at trial was whether you had performed oral sex on that child and the jury were sure that you had on a single occasion.

    "She was a child when you did that. You were an adult. She described feeling confused and scared."

    The judge described a second indecent assault in which Winkle touched the girl's private parts as 'outrageous conduct'.

    He added: "Your actions have had a significant effect on her life. She suffered from depression and has undergone counselling. She speaks of flashbacks, the effect on her relationship with other people and her life having been scarred.

    "This was about sexual gratification and you are a hypocrite because you became an elder and you investigated a sexual matter even with this in your sexual background."

  • Dunedain
  • Divergent
    Child abuse was one of the the "inconvenient truths" which led me to wake up. Another fact which I had an issue with was that I, a kind & helpful brother in good standing & reaching out, could not make it to be appointed as an elder, BUT scumbags like these could be appointed??? It's as good as saying that I'm worse than a pedophile! Goodbye WT... you had me, you pulled me down instead of raising me up, you pissed me off, & now you've lost me. For good
  • RichardHaley
    Proof of no holy spirit among elder appointments.
  • JWdaughter
    Had this not come to the attn of worldly authorities, he would not have been df'd. Not reporting to elders means a regular jw is unrepentant. Not being caught out for 3 years means an elder is home free, normally, doesnt it?
  • prologos

    Not being caught out for 3 years means an elder is home free, normally, doesnt it? JWdaughter

    If the elder can hide it , the statutes of limitations are 3 years, unless there is 'notoriety', public disclosure, --then history can reach back more than 40 years and justice will be done as happened to that then teenager for his misdeeds.

    added PS. meanwhile, in a city less than 50 miles away, a few members of a related religion abused 1500 minors a shorter time ago and?

  • punkofnice

    This is just getting too much. It almost seems that every filthy paedophile reported on these days is a JW. Isn't it interesting that they nearly always seem to be elders or minserves.

    This guy, what a name, John Winkle...it's almost rude in itself.

    If the watchtower didn't protect them, where else would they go??

    I hope this guy gets what's coming to him in prison.

  • Listener

    JW daughter, you are right but the Elders probably reasoned out the matter in a different way. It might be that he never mentioned the matter to anyone and never apologized to the victim. Although a lot of Elders may have let the matter go the fact that it was made public and he admitted guilt, they had to be seen as taking action.

    My guess is he didn't get disfellowshipped for the act itself but because he didn't show any signs of repentance all these years.

  • stillin
    It seems that if he truly had been living right for all of the years since, that that in itself would have indicated repentance. The elders would have you believe that they are an important part of repentance but maybe he was DF'd for something else. The article doesn't say.
  • mana11

    All Elders are Appointed with Holy spirit directing it!.

    Where was the holy spirit in this case?

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