Ex-Jehovah's Witness elder jailed for sex assaults on schoolgirl

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  • prologos

    One benefit of these publicised convictions, court cases, these discussions, even in the local papers is, that it will deter and give pause to active pedophiles to suppress, control their urges, and see the error, and consequences of their ways, particularly on their potential prey.

    I can not help but think though, that this particular verdict is a belated attempt by the local authorities to show their commitment to deal with this issues, seeing that Rotherham is just across the park so to speak, with it's infamous child rapes and inaction scandals. .

  • rebel8

    "admitted" is very different to "confessed" IMO

    The former is what someone does when they have been caught.


    My purpose in referring to it was that he acknowledges what he did was illegal and wrong, not that he is fully remorseful (as a regular human being with a conscience would be).

    The victim, perp and court all agree it was wrong and illegal, so speculation about her being near the age of consent is moot.

  • prologos

    r-8: "-speculation about her being near the age of consent is moot.-"

    we don't know, but she could have been of legal marrying age***, at least in some western jurisdictions at the time, and the whole question really was: "why did this possibly to happen outside marriage?"

    ***12. sick.but legal.

  • Simon
    Where do you get these crazy ideas?

    From your own posts. For instance, you questioned the idea that I suggested that people in general dislike the idea that pedophiles would get off on technicalities:

    Could you please cite a source for this statement? Has there been some kind of scientific study done?
    How and where was it conducted?
    Did the participants have different feelings of dissatisfaction or unhappiness with current statute of limitations laws depending on:
    • The particular type of crime committed?
    • Length of time since its commission?
    • Age of the criminal at the time of the crime?
    • Lifestyle of the perpetrator since the commission of the crime?
    • How the crime came to be known?

    I don't think for one minute you genuinely want to see such a study or thought I was wrong and you immediately retract it with hand wavy "I never meant that" when challenged on it, You just like to be a PITA sometimes. Am I right? :D

  • Oubliette
    Jesus, Simon. Learn to stay on topic. You are really contentious lately.
  • Vidiot

    Brokeback WT - "I think as the news get out about the WT court settlement a snowballing effect will take place gathering momentum and size. As the Governing Body's approval rating goes down in the congregations due to all the bad press they are getting more and more will come forward to collect their share money in the form of child molestation lawsuits."


    In fact, I think it's already started.

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